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Russell Westbrook on the start, why does it get stuck!

Russell Westbrook has been quoted on the start for months, even if the negotiations have experienced a big boost in recent weeks. The Pacers are cited, as are the Nets for a trade with Kyrie Irving. But the same problem always comes up with the leader, since the front office refuses to give in on one point. Explanations.

Where will play Russell Westbrook next season? Very smart one who can answer with certainty today. A return to the Lakers has long been mooted, especially since the appointment of Darvin Ham, but things have since evolved. Rob Pelinka is looking for a way out, with a possible trade with the Nets, in exchange for Kyrie Irving. The problem is that the negotiations are at a standstill, and except surprise, nothing will move in the Big Apple.

The detail that jams everything with Russell Westbrook

But the front office already has a plan B according to multiple sources: the Pacers. The Angelinos would like to recover Buddy Hield and Myles Turner in exchange, but again, it is the consideration that gets stuck. According to The Athletic, which provided more details this Friday, it is a simple second round of draft that derails the situation. Like what, the exchange is not necessarily far either.

The Lakers offered Russell Westbrook and a first-round pick for the Pacers in exchange for Buddy Hield and Myles Turner. Talks are currently “dead” with the Pacers, who also want a second round in the deal.

Does this simple second round block the negotiations? Obviously, the answer is yes. The Angelinos think Westbrook remains a big asset, while the rest of the league doesn’t.

You have to understand that Russ is seen as a burden with his contract of more than 40 million dollars. If a team gets the player back, it’s a favor done to the Lakers, not the other way around. It is therefore not surprising to see that the Pacers refused:

The Lakers and Pacers discussed a Westbrook, Turner and Hield trade according to Marc Stein. Los Angeles offered draft compensation, but the exact consideration is uncertain.

Russell Westbrook’s trade is therefore played on draft compensation, the Lakers do not want to give up everything to get the leader out. But the Pacers, like the Nets for that matter, don’t want such a deal as it stands. It will take much more to tip the scales.



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