Press Center: NBA: between satisfaction and ambitions

Press Center: NBA: between satisfaction and ambitions

Nouaill Basketanimation (NBA) took stock of the season. The moral report carried out by the two co-presidents, Anne-Galle Prichon and Sandrine Valle, emphasized the good health of the club. Its workforce is around 150 licensees. The financial efforts made on license renewals and the good image maintained have borne fruit. The only downside is on the side of volunteers, where the workforce has had difficulty renewing itself over the years. A call has been made. He resonated with two new members. May they be thanked for this without depriving new goodwill from coming forward, they will be welcomed with open arms.

An ambitious 2022-2023 season

The year was satisfactory in terms of team progress and attendance at training, with disparate results depending on the category. At the financial level, the balance sheet presented by Henri Ferchaud showed good management with a positive result thanks to the efforts of everyone during the events and the participation of loyal sponsors, essential to the proper functioning of the club.
At the end of these assessments, the office presented its ambitions for the future season. The club has decided to take a step forward by creating a real sporting plan for the new season. A qualified supervisor has been recruited to take charge of training for all categories of young people. He will be accompanied by two civic services. Two training sessions per week will be offered to all categories, which is a real novelty. A senior women’s team will be created. It should be specified that it is not done to the detriment of the other teams of the department because without transfer and exclusively made up of girls who resume competition or who start it and with young U18s who become seniors, underlines the association.
The women’s section is maintained and strengthened with a team commitment of girls in each category and the return to the club of young U18s who have left to harden up at the higher level. The boys are holding up with quality coaching in each category and the return of Sbastien Courivaud to take charge of the young senior team. This has just validated its rise to the highest departmental level and the objective will be to ensure maintenance despite the departure of major elements to play at regional level. The only downside is the absence for lack of U17M staff next year.
This ambition and this satisfaction were welcomed by Maryline Duminy, representing the municipality, who took the opportunity to announce the installation for this summer of new basketball backboard equipment in the gymnasium.



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