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Native of Ambert (Puy-de-Dôme) Noah Manet dreams of NBA

From an early age, Noah has had a passion for basketball. He started practicing it at the age of 5, at the Basket Club Ambert Livradois (BCAL), where his mother also played. Very quickly, the young boy progressed, and in 2018, he entered the Insep (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance) in Paris, a year in advance.

He spent two years there: “I should have done three years, he explains, but I preferred to try my luck, go to Lyon to find a good dynamic and play more. I made a request, they were interested. “For two years now, Noah has been at Asvel, and plays in Espoirs Pro A. “Each professional club has its Espoirs team, he explains. This is the pro reserve. We play in NM1, the 3rd national division, against teams like Monaco, Limoges, Strasbourg, Pau-Orthez… Normally, when I arrived in Lyon, I should have played in U18, but because of the health crisis, it there was no season for the categories below U21. That’s why I’m in Hope. »

Trained by Tony Parker’s brother

And the coach of Noah and his team is none other than Pierre Parker, Tony’s brother?! As at Insep, Noah’s program is loaded, because sport of course does not exclude studies. “All year round, we have lessons and hours of training,” he explains. Some days, two hours of lessons and two hours of basketball in the morning, the same thing in the afternoon. Other times, it’s class in the morning and sports all afternoon. But the school adapts according to our physical condition. And then, the classes never have more than 15 to 20 students, the teachers are very caring. If we don’t follow in class, we are taken away from training, everything is focused on school. And this end of the year, everything has been arranged for the baccalaureate. Basketball season was over anyway. »Busy weeks that allowed Noah to get a “rather scientific” baccalaureate. The young man will now turn to a BTS correspondence communication, with the Cned, to “have a way out” after his career. And as inaction is definitely not in his genes, he applied for a summer job and is currently working in a company in Livradois-Forez.

Kylian Noël, from Courpière (Puy-de-Dôme), at the gates of the judo elite

Over the past two seasons, Noah and his comrades have won many victories: “The first year, we won the Trophée du Futur in Antibes, he says. It’s a national title. “And if Noah evolved into U21, he had the possibility of “going back down” to U18 to help the group. “So I participated in the French U18 and U21 Espoirs championships, he explains. We won the Euro League qualifying tournament in Serbia. We qualified for the final but lost by one point. If during these two years, Noah was upgraded, from the start of the school year in September, he will only play in U21. “You can be 16 and play in U21, he explains. It depends on the level. Me, I can stay in the U21 team until I’m 21, so another 3 years. But that’s not my goal. »

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Professional basketball in the line of sight

Because Noah hopes that the coming year will be decisive for the rest of his career.

I would now like to go to the professional world, underlines the young basketball player. Of course, there is a lot of competition, but it all depends on my work, on what I produce all year round in the field.

Because to access the Grail, that is to say professional basketball, you often have to be noticed. Basketball players are evaluated on their “stats”: points, rebounds, baskets, assists, blocks, interceptions… Everything is analyzed, quantified to assess the level of the player. “The coaches talk to each other, explains Noah, they come to see us play throughout the year. And then there are people who follow us, who are waiting for the right moment. I have reached the age where you have to start playing or training with the pros. A career lasts up to 35, 38 or 40 at best. »

His biggest dream: to play in the NBA

Noah’s wildest dream would be to be able to join the NBA and then return to France, to a small club, to finish his career. “I can be spotted or apply,” he says. This year, I signed with an agency to have someone take care of my visibility. »While waiting for this return to school in September and this year which could well be crucial for his career, Noah trains once a week at the BCAL, the club which saw him take his first steps on the pitch. “It’s cool, I’ve been playing with them for a while, comments the young man from Amber. And my trainer gave me a physical preparation program for the holidays, to keep me going. “Because at this level, there is no question of letting go during the two summer months. Noah says to stick to it as much as possible, also pay attention to his diet. “My goal is to become a pro, just like all the young people who play for Espoirs in France. And then, my parents are proud I think. They come to see me play as often as they can. »

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