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Les superstars NBA LeBron James et Kevin Durant se sont retrouvées au cœur d'une déclaration plutôt osée en provenance d'une jeune pépite de la ligue

KD reveals why he never wears LeBron’s shoes

Kevin Durant may have one of the most popular shoe lines among basketball players, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun and trying out other models. The only pairs he never wears are the LeBrons, and for a very simple reason.

One day or another, Kevin Durant will have to talk about his trade request and explain why he already wants a change of scenery. There are many rumors about it, the most likely being that he doesn’t get along with his management and doesn’t understand some decisions made by GM Sean Marks, but until words come from him the blur will persist.

On the other hand, it is not because he is silent that the number 7 of the Nets does not send messages to his leaders. For example this week, like a huge middle finger to Sean Marks, KD flew to Los Angeles to train with a coach freshly fired from the staff of Brooklyn… Some decisions still do not pass at the All-Star and he knows how to make it understood.

Kevin Durant snubbed by LeBron James and Nike

While waiting to see more clearly about his future, KD still spends as much time on social networks, and he interacts with some curious Internet users. He obviously avoids the most sensitive questions, such as those on his next franchise or the one on Kyrie Irving, but answers on much lighter subjects. For example, he explained why he couldn’t wear the shoes of LeBron James :

Raheel Ramzanali: Do you secretly play with another player’s shoes in the league for fun or to research your own?

Kevin Durant: Yes… I wear Kobe, Jordan, Kyrie… LeBron doesn’t make shoes in size 55 but I want to try them, and those of Giannis too. But nothing better than these good old KDs though 😎

It’s a question we never think about, but no, Kevin Durant doesn’t just wear models from his range, he also enjoys training with different models from Nike… His only problem is that the LeBron are not available in size 55 and therefore cannot test them. He must have many contacts, he should be able to obtain them with a little determination.

Kevin Durant would love to be able to train in LeBron or Giannis, but Nike does not produce them in his size. He must therefore satisfiedr other equally effective models such as the Kobe or the Kyrie. Anyway with his status, he is spoiled for choice.



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