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Kevin Durant sort enfin du silence sur le titre des Warriors !

KD back to the Warriors? The shock detail that blocks the Nets side

Kevin Durant is still deadlocked various weeks after his trade request. While the Suns no longer seem in the race, the Warriors could also withdraw from negotiations, due to a rather surprising detail that puts off the leaders of the Nets.

While watchers, fans and GMs seriously ponder its future, Kevin Durant is busy discussing everything and nothing on Twitter, and developing his Tiktok account. He has just published his first short video on the fashionable social network, and he has once again proven that his humor, although particular, is still very effective.

How do I make this shit work?

The Nets refuse to welcome Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole!

But behind his tweets and videos, the Nets’ No. 7 must be getting impatient and wondering when his leaders will accede to his trade request. Moreover, he has just sent them a rather arrogant message, since he crossed the United States to training with a staff member recently fired by GM Sean Marks. Obviously, KD will have to wait, and above all get used to the idea that he will not return to the Warriors. ESPN’s Zach Lowe says:

The Nets don’t seem very keen on the idea of ​​welcoming Andrew Wiggins or Jordan Poole in a trade for Kevin Durant. The leaders would not be really excited by the profiles of these two players, which would force the GM of the Warriors Bob Mayers to assemble a package composed of young players not yet proven at the highest level.

Another difficulty in the file is Andrew Wiggins, who will have to be part of the exchange for salary reasons. But because he is still in his “designated player” contract, this poses a problem on the Brooklyn side. The Nets already have Ben Simmons on the roster with that status, and teams can’t have two of him on the roster at the same time.

In all likelihood, Kevin Durant will not return to the Warriors this summer, in particular because an arrival of Andrew Wiggins in Brooklyn should be done at the same time as the departure of Ben Simmons, on whom the leaders rely heavily. But even next summer, when the Canadian will no longer be “designated player”, the exchange is unlikely since Sean Marks does not estimate the profiles of “Mapple Jordan” and Jordan Poole. But will he succeed in finding better than an All-Star and a future All-Star in return?

The boss of the Warriors expressed a few days ago that he did not necessarily want Kevin Durant in the workforce, so he will not be too abrupt by this information. Nets executives want it badly, and right now, no one wants to pay the price for KD.



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