Jalen Brunson doesn't think he has a target behind his back

Jalen Brunson doesn’t think he has a target behind his back

1700%. This is the record increase achieved by Jalen Brunson since he will receive an average of 26 million dollars per year, against 1.6 million dollars in 2022. The new leader of the Knicks assures that he will do his best so that this contract of 104 million dollars does not make him turn his head .

I am fully aware of that. It’s impossible not to see it he acknowledges in the podcast, The Old Man and the Three, of his former teammate JJ Redick. ” So that’s the first thing. I am honored to have had this opportunity to be in this club regardless of the amount. But no matter the number, nothing changes. Nothing changes for me. I think the day I accepted the conditions, before doing anything, I went to train. Bodybuilding, shooting… I have no intention of changing. That does not bother me. I will be the same person no matter what. No matter what happens, no matter what people say. I’ll be myself and that doesn’t worry me too much. »

A year ago, Jalen Brunson had the option of extending to the Mavericks for half as much. He had thought about it, except Dallas didn’t make him an offer…

We talked about it with my father. We were on vacation in Jamaica, around the same time a year ago. We remembered that we had said that we were ready to sign an extension as soon as we had the opportunity. I told him, ‘We just doubled that amount. »

During the season, the Mavericks did try to make him a proposal. ” But it was too late confirms Jalen Brunson. ” The business had just knocked on the door… It was time to take a look, and I had to be discerning and look. »

In the end, there was not even a competition. The Knicks had the chance to meet him first, and Camp Brunson canceled the meeting with Mark Cuban and his right-hand men.

The possibility of playing for New York, where his father played and where he is an assistant, was far too strong. But now Jalen Brunson will discover the pressure, and he will no longer be able to hide behind a Luka Doncic.

” A target ? No. I don’t think I’m a target. But it’s clear that there will be expectations concludes the former Villanova player. ” I don’t think target is the right term. But the expectations are definitely going to be there. Knicks fans are die-hard fans. They are the very definition of it, that’s for sure. And they will expect a lot. Not just from me, but from this team. »

Jalen Brunson Percentage Bounces
Season Crew GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early pd party Int bp CT Points
2018-19 DAL 73 22 46.7 34.8 72.5 0.3 2.0 2.3 3.2 1.7 0.5 1.2 0.1 9.3
2019-20 DAL 57 18 46.6 35.8 81.3 0.4 2.0 2.4 3.3 1.3 0.4 1.2 0.1 8.2
2020-21 DAL 68 25 52.3 40.5 79.5 0.4 3.0 3.4 3.5 1.6 0.5 1.2 0.0 12.6
2021-22 DAL 79 32 50.2 37.3 84.0 0.5 3.4 3.9 4.8 1.9 0.8 1.6 0.0 16.3
Total 277 25 49.4 37.3 80.0 0.4 2.6 3.0 3.7 1.7 0.6 1.3 0.0 11.9



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