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Les supertars NBA Stephen Curry, Nikola Jokic, LeBron James et DeMar DeRozan lors du All-Star Game 2022

“I was a plumber? But what have you done in your career?! »

The generation war is still very present in the NBA microcosm, since the elders have difficulty recognizing the talent of current players, when the latter do not recognize the adversity of the time. In a buzz interview, the legend Jerry West went wild.

Generations of players and fans have long clashed over which era in NBA history was the strongest and most dominant. For lovers of the 90′s, nothing will ever match this mix of physical hardness, intensity and science of the game proposed at the time. For those who are adept at dribbling and long distance shooting, the NBA has never been as talented as it is today.

And to defend your parish it is always good to find arguments to destroy the other periods. The joke that comes up most often on social networks is that, with the exception of a few superstars, the teams of the 90s′ and before were mainly made up of “plumbers and firefighters”, which would explain the domination without sharing of players like Bill Russell or even Michael Jordan.

Jerry West destroys JJ Redick for his comments

And it’s a joke that comes up even in the mainstream media, since JJ Redick had made fun of Bob Cousy in this way on the set ofESPN. Comments that did not please the Jerry West logo at all, who decided to respond during a visit to NBA Radio. The legend of the Lakers did not take tweezers when destroying the trigger badly.

The game is completely different today, the athletes are completely different… I know JJ a bit, I know he’s a very smart man, but what has he done in his career? What has he done in his life that has influenced his team’s results? He was shooting 12 points per game in the league? After a while statistics have to count. For me the players are no longer what they were before.

JJ Redick has never defended against a good attacker for example. We can criticize everyone in this environment. He was never a great player in the NBA, he was just good. He must not forget that he had a place in the teams simply because he knew how to shoot from afar. Personally I was an athlete ahead of my time, I was jumping high, I was going fast, and we didn’t have the infrastructure to develop those aspects. JJ should thank heaven for all the money he was able to make…

Jerry West has completely let loose on JJ Redick, whom he more or less called a modern-day plumber, since he has no obvious athleticism, and no other above-average talents except is its external address. The observation is spicy, but the logo had to defend its time against the overconfident new generation.

The league is moving fast and the athletes are always growing impressednts. But in 50 years, when the NBA is filled with Victor Wembanyama and Chet Holmgren, it will be JJ Redick who will be called a plumber by the younger generations…



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