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NBA Curry et Trae Young similaires ?

Busy partying, Steph Curry has his coach stolen by an All-Star!

More than a month after the coronation of the Warriors, Stephen Curry is still enjoying his vacation with his family. If he is probably keeping in shape, he is not killing himself yet, a godsend for a leader from the East. Indeed, a nugget did not hesitate to steal the Chef’s personal trainer!

Since the title won by his Warriors, Stephen Curry takes a well-deserved vacation and chain events far from the NBA microcosm. After his participation in a prestigious golf tournament, he was hired to present the flagship ceremony of North American sport, the ESPYS. He was quite comfortable on stage with classic tackles at the Celtics, then to poor LeBron Jamesnot even present in the room.

In fact, at 34, and after winning his first Finals MVP title, the Chef has nothing left to prove in the league, and even if he were to retire at the end of the next exercise, he would be considered by a large majority of observers to be one of the top 10 players of all time. For this reason, it is not surprising to see him in nightclubs with wandering hands on Ayesha rather than training.

Trae Young steals Steph Curry’s personal trainer

Recently spotted in the weight room with quite impressive arms, the Chief is yet to touch the ball, a godsend for a young All-Star in the Eastern Conference. More motivated than ever, Trae Young intends to turn a corner next season, and to achieve this he has decided to hire the services of Steph Curry’s personal trainer!

The world is in denial, but they all know where I’m going #uncranplushaut ❄️

Trae Young trains with Brandon Payne, Stephen Curry’s trainer.

Since his time at the University of Oklahoma, Trae Young has been presented as the worthy successor to Stephen Curry, in particular thanks to his incredible address from the logo. And to go even further in the resemblance, to reach a level approaching that of the first unanimous MVP in history, Ice Trae has decided to offer the services of his personal trainer. If those sessions bear fruit, the Hawks could get terrifying.

With the advice of coach Stephen Curry, Trae Young could still take a step forward in his career and establish himself as one of the three best leaders in the NBA. With the help of Dejounte Murray, he should be able to sparkle.



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