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Brax.  The NBA agreement: a new attempt at rapprochement

Brax. The NBA agreement: a new attempt at rapprochement

the essential
After a first alliance in the early 2000s, bringing together the three clubs of Agglo Agglo, namely Agen, Foulayronnes and Brax, and which was already playing at the best regional level in under 18 boys, it is a new attempt to rapprochement between the historical rivals braxois and agenais which has just seen the light of day.

President Rémi Pouchès, after the success of the commemorative festivities of the 50th anniversary of Handball Brax, still encouraging news for the future?

Yes, I think the NBA is an important step towards excellence for our young people. We, Braxois, with our historic partner, Nérac, have demonstrated that by expanding the working groups and bringing together the best, we have succeeded in increasing and accelerating the training of young people who will ultimately have a positive impact on the senior category. The rapprochement with our Agen neighbors seemed natural to me. After several exchanges, I noticed that a similar reflection was in progress at their place. As a result, the decision to collaborate was made quite quickly

President Laurent Debourges, could you explain to us how the Agen club and its partners decided to focus their collaboration on boys under 17?

During our exchanges, we proceeded by elimination. First, the choice of the sector was easy. Our two partners have honestly acknowledged that the Amicale Laïque d’Agen is far ahead in the women’s sector and that if there was to be an exchange of experience, it would be in the men’s sector. Then we very quickly agreed on the fact that moving too young players from one room to another was not wise. Finally, qualification for the Elite Region group for the 2022-2023 season, included in the dowry of the Brax / Nérac agreement, definitively sealed the choice of the under-17 category.

President Marc Ristat, you who followed, for Nérac, the agreement in Elite, is this kind of collaboration frequent?

Sure ! Without going very far, our Dordogne neighbors are grouped under two entities. For example, this season we met the PSO team (Périgord Sud-Ouest), led by Montpon-Ménestérol, who we will find again next season following their 7th place obtained this season. On the other hand, the Périgord Entente, carried by Champcevinel, who played this season in the French championship under 18, and who we will also find in the Elite Region next season, following his descent. But it exists almost everywhere and it’s the best and only answer found by clubs of intermediate size, even modest ones like ours, to challenge the “big clubs”.



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