La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, a reçu une bonne nouvelle concernant sa récente blessure au genou

Anthony Davis sharp as ever, the fans boiling!

Anthony Davis knows it, without him, the Lakers have absolutely no chance of shining at the highest level. To be forgiven afterwards two seasons marked by injuries, the All-Star spends the summer working, and he seems as sharp as ever thanks to his unique training.

Anthony Davis must know, the Lakers’ next exercise will greatly depend on his ability to stay healthy… Since the title won in the bubble in 2020, when he had clearly established himself as one of the 5 best players in the planet, the interior no longer manages to chain meetings and inevitably, the results are very disappointing for the Purple and Gold.

And if the vast majority of fans blame the non-qualification in the playoffs almost entirely on Russell Westbrook, which is no longer desired in the City of Angels, the interior will also have to prove things on the floor at the start of the school year. He knows it full well, which is why he spends a studious summer. On social networks, he revealed his two barbaric methods to return to 100%:

Anthony Davis’ Crazy Ways To Get Physically Stronger

World boxing champion Dmitry Bivol with Lakers players

Anthony Davis has no more time to lose in his career, after two consecutive seasons marked by injuries, the interior of the Lakers wants to return to 100%, and to achieve this, he has decided to use strong methods. Not only does he train in the sand, perfect for mobility, explosiveness and endurance, but he also gets into the ring to develop his coordination, his reflexes, and above all to strengthen his muscles. The fans are overjoyed!

It’s crazy how people forget we have LeBron and AD on the team. A healthy Davis is on the level of Luka and Giannis! By far the best duo in the NBA with health.

Anthony Davis has decided to get out of basketball a bit to prepare for next season. His talent with the ball is undeniable, but he will be able to develop other qualities in the ring and thanks to the races in the sand.



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