NBA Westbrook cash sur un problème des Lakers

Total humiliation for Westbrook in the official league store!

Russell Westbrook’s situation with the Lakers is as chaotic as ever. The fans no longer want him, nor his teammates, and yet he is forced to stay for lack of tempting offers. To make matters worse, he has just been badly humiliated by the store official of the league in New York.

A year ago, who could have foreseen such a descent into hell for Russell Westbrook ? Indeed, some observers doubted its integration and compatibility with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who need space around them to shine, but to imagine that the former MVP would become totally undesirable in his hometown…

The situation is also so tense that the future of LeBron could depend on that of his leader. According to the latest information from Los Angeles, if Rob Pelinka doesn’t find a way out for Russell Westbrook by the end of the season, the King could pack his bags and leave California for good to take up one last challenge before retirement.

Russell Westbrook jerseys at -50% at the NBA Store!

In this case, the leaders have every interest in activating and meeting the requirements of n°6, which could speed up the file a little. This information obviously reached the ears of the leaders of the NBA Store in New York, since the products bearing the name of Russell Westbrook were severely reduced. The humiliation is total for the leader.

-50% on Russell Westbrook jerseys 😭

For a limited period, all Russell Westbrook jerseys are 50% off at the NBA Store in New York, proof that the league’s official store is trying to sell its stock as quickly as possible, something quite humiliating for the former MVP. . Because other players announced on departure were not entitled to such treatment, the products Kyrie Irving and Donovan Mitchell staying full price. In fact, the only other star so humiliated is Kevin Durant:

For all fans passing through the legendary 5th Avenue in New York, know that the jerseys of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are on sale following the many transfer rumors. Even the league store doesn’t want Westbrook at the Lakers anymore…



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