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La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, a vu son pitch réservé cet été à LeBron James et à sa franchise dévoilé

“This trade is dead”: Big blow for the Lakers!

Still active in the market, the Lakers want to find a way to better surround LeBron James. Kyrie Irving is not the only track followed by the leaders, with another which leads on the side of the Pacers, with in particular Buddy Hield. Unfortunately for fans, the news isn’t great either.

The summer continues for the Lakers, who still aspire to strengthen their squad by the start of the season. A task not really easy, since the assets are lacking for Rob Pelinka. Russell Westbrook is seen more as a burden with his contract at more than 40 million dollars, while Talen Horton-Tucker does not panic the league with his performances. There are still draft rounds, but the front office is particularly keen on them for the future.

Clearly, recovering Kyrie Irving is a complex mission. We know that Pelina is eyeing the star, but the Nets are very tough on those talks, even though the point guard only has one year left on his contract. Same speech on the side of the Pacers, since Buddy Hield and Myles Turner are very popular in the City of Angels. Nevertheless, the latest news on the subject is quite worrying for the fans.

Another disappointment in the market for the Lakers

Between the Nets and the Pacers, the story is the same for the Angelinos, who fail to make the difference to convince their counterpart. There are however the arguments, but Pelinka plays on the economy and prefers to give as little as possible, which can be understood. However, according to information from Bob Kravitz, who works at The Athletic, an agreement is a long way off for Hield and Turner. The trade is even judged as “dead”.

According to sources, the Lakers/Pacers trade involving Russell Westbrook, Myles Turner and Buddy Hield and other assets is currently dead. That doesn’t mean the Lakers can’t come back and add a second-round draft pick in addition to the set of picks, but for now, things aren’t changing.

Like Irving, it must therefore be understood that it is always this second round of the draft that is the subject of debate. Pelinka refuses to give up a slight asset, almost insignificant for the franchise, which can always buy one in the future. A very surprising tactic, and which does not please everyone:

They want the Pacers to take Russ against Myles and Buddy against just one first round??? Bye.

Rob Pelinka is still trying to find solutions, but for now, the negotiations are not progressing. That’s true for the Pacers, just like the Nets on the Kyrie Irving soap opera. A decidedly thorny issue for the Californian franchise, which remains blocked to this day.



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