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L'update très inquiétante pour le trade de Kevin Durant aux Nets !

The catastrophic update concerning the departure of Kevin Durant!

On the start since the beginning of this month of July, Kevin Durant has not yet obtained what he wanted, namely a trade. The problem is simple, the Nets are very greedy in negotiations, which does not please the opposing teams. In the worst case scenario, the exchange for KD will not occur for months, if not much more.

It’s been three weeks now Kevin Durant asked to join a new team next season, already. Time passes quickly, but we cannot say that the negotiations are at the same pace. The Nets logically discussed with teams, like the Heat and the Suns, but nothing good came out of all that. There is interest in recruiting KD, but the price tag is just too high.

This is why the exchange of the player has not yet taken place. Worse ? Not sure he sees the light of day this summer, with the Nets willing to wait a while. They can, Durant having a 4-year contract, but this situation seems to annoy more than one. This is the case for example of opposing teams, who have almost stopped calling Brooklyn to negotiate. Talks are on stand-by, pending a price drop.

Kevin Durant’s trade at a standstill

In any case, this is what Brian Windhorst, visiting ESPN on Thursday, suggests. According to him, the franchises do not want to give in to the request of the Nets, too greedy in the negotiations. Everyone prefers to be patient and wait for the front office to decide to lower its prices, which could take time. We hope you are prepared to wait months or more.

“Kevin Durant’s price is so high that no one can afford to pay him. For now, everyone is waiting for the price to finally drop. »

A man responsible for all this? Danny Ainge, manager at Jazz. It was he who upset the market with the trade of Rudy Gobert by obtaining 5 first draft rounds and multiple players. Seeing that, the price went up for Kevin Durant, but way too much to imagine a realistic trade with another team.

It’s Aingeflation

Kevin Durant not traded? It’s simple, the Nets demand is too high. No one can let go so much, especially since the certainty of winning the title behind does not exist. If no one gives in, this soap opera could take months, even a year or more to settle. We hope you are patient.



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