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La superstar NBA française Rudy Gobert a fait passer un gros message dès sa première conférence de presse en tant que joueur des Minnesota Timberwolves

“Rudy Gobert and I, the league has never seen anything like it in its history”

The arrival of Rudy Gobert to the Timberwolves has had the effect of a real bomb in the world of the NBA. The news indeed surprised everyone, including the one who was, perhaps, the most concerned of all in Minnesota…

After 9 years of hard work at Jazz, the time had come for Rudy Gobert to look elsewhere. Transferred to Wolves as part of a probable reconstruction to come in Utah, the Frenchman joins a young and ambitious team, around players who are hungry for victories and recognition. If Anthony Edwards is the rising nugget, no one wants to prove his worth more than Karl-Anthony Towns, still in collective failure in Minnesota despite his great individual talent.

Stunned by the arrival of Gobert, KAT promises heavy

Speaking to ESPN, the Wolves big man first told a pretty brilliant anecdote about Gobert’s arrival, before sending a warning to the rest of the NBA:

I was in London, in the middle of a weight training session. I didn’t have my phone. When I came back to the hotel room, my girlfriend said to me, “Did you see the news?! ” I said no. She said to me, “You signed Rudy! »

I did not understand anything. I thought we signed Rudy Gay! She said to me: “No no, Rudy Gobert”. Obviously, I was very excited. I already imagine us in twin towers in the racket. I think about what he can do defensively, what I can do offensively, and how we can join forces on the same team. I don’t think the NBA has ever seen anything like it, so unique. It’s going to be freaky!

No one knows if the opposing teams are as terrified of the prospect as KAT wants them to be, but it is certain that the combination of the two heavyweights inside should cause a lot of headaches for the coaching staffs who cross the road. of Wolves. Be careful, however, that this large size does not turn against the Wolves against ultra-mobile teams like the Warriors – and that is the challenge for Chris Finch and his assistants.

The good news is that both Gobert and Towns seem very happy with the upcoming collaboration, and are approaching this season with a healthy and determined aggressiveness. What make Wolves a credible outsider in the West? The future will tell.

If he first had trouble realizing that Rudy Gobert was indeed going to evolve alongside him in the racket of Wolves, Karl-Anthony Towns makes no mystery about the ambitions of his team at the dawn of the season. coming. The NBA has been warned, and it will now be necessary to assume for the All-Star interior duo!



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