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La légende NBA des Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, a vu l'un des actuels joueurs de la franchise l'imiter en réalisant un gros flu-game

“Michael Jordan told me about my mother, I put 8 points instead of my 24 average”

As if being the greatest player in history wasn’t enough, Michael Jordan also had an innate talent for trash-talking. Insults ? Not really Her Majesty’s cup of tea, who preferred to distill her sentences wisely, all in subtlety. Instead, ask the colossus Larry Johnson, who still hasn’t come back 30 years later…

Long before Zion Williamson, when the Pelicans star wasn’t even a year old, there was Larry Johnson. A mountain of muscles capable of imposing his power and his explosiveness on both sides of the field, “LJ” remains an emblematic figure of the Hornets’ first years in the league. Besides, his duet with Alonzo Mourning in the paint gave many opponents a hard time… but not the Bulls.

At that time, Chicago was indeed carried by a certain Michael Jordan at the top of his game. From the rings hanging on his hand, MJ earned a reputation as a real killer in the league, so much so that many opponents were afraid to face him. And those who were not afraid? His Airness handled it in its own way.

The sentence of Michael Jordan that shook Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson learned that the hard way when he first came to the league in the early 1990s. Before the initial jump ball, the rookie was surprised to see Jordan heading his way. Speaking to the Knuckleheads podcast, “LJ” recounted the lunar sequence that followed:

“He was doing really crazy stuff! The first time I met him was in the field. He walked towards me with a firm step and said, “How is Dorothy?” »

Dorothy, it’s my mother… I stuttered, told her she was fine. I was shaken, I messed up the whole match. He got me. Who comes to see you when you’ve never seen him and asks you how your mother is?! I believe that I put 8 points, whereas I turned to 24 at the time.

If we refer to the date of arrival of Larry Johnson in the league, it’s a safe bet that the match in question is also the one below, during which MJ planted the trifle of… 52 points. Unbeatable.

Too strong on the field, too strong to get into the minds of opponents: Michael Jordan was too good in all areas to be beaten. A GOAT profile, quite simply…



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