La joueuse française WNBA du New York Liberty, Marine Johannès, a signé un incroyable highlight face au Chicago Sky qui a notamment fait réagir Nicolas Batum

Marine Johannes releases a crazy move, Nico Batum reacts!

Marine Johannes quietly continues to make an impression in the WNBA, with some big performances. Facing Washington, this time it split with an impressive action which even made Nicolas Batum react on social networks.

Back at the New York Liberty, Marine Johannes now seems set to stay. The young rear indeed attracts a lot of attention on the side of the WNBA, regularly hitting the courts. In 14 games in 2022, the young nugget from France is thus running at 10.3 points and 4.4 rebounds per game, while being part of the top league behind the arc (40% three-point success). The Big Apple has its new little phenomenon there.

Having been a hit historically Not long ago, the former ASVEL player did not take her foot off the accelerator, making a good copy during NY’s defeat against the Mystics. She thus recorded 12 points, accompanied by 2 assists and an interception. Beyond the stats, she once again put on a show, with a very unconventional shot in the second quarter:

Superb stepback from Marinene Johannes in the middle of a match

It’s just a stepback on its own, but the way she draws her shot is quite remarkable. On one foot, completely contorted: it looked like Dirk Nowitzki in his finest hours. A magnificent demonstration of his technical ease, which has not gone unnoticed among NBA players. We can notably quote Nicolas Batum, who hastened to react to this madness of his compatriot:

Unfortunately for the Habs, it did not allow his own to emerge victorious from the confrontation with Washington (78-69). It is therefore the 17th defeat in 26 games for the players of Gotham, not really a superb record which places them in the penultimate place of the league. Like other big names in the orange ball, she will therefore have to learn to shine without winning, before taking the next step. With the talent she has, it’s entirely up to her.

Failing to be able to pocket the victory with New York, Marine Johannes at least ensured the show with a technical gesture as sumptuous as it was not very academic. Now, however, the young Frenchy is certainly hoping for more collective success.



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