LeBron James épinglé en grand délit de forçage ?

LeBron’s violent punchline about his haters!

Recently in Drew League, LeBron James still received a lot of criticism for this simple appearance, which was nevertheless able to delight many fans present in the room. That shouldn’t bother the King, who has learned to deal with it all. On his recent show The Shop, he shared his mentality towards his haters, with a violent punchline.

At 37, soon to be 38 at the start of the new season, LeBron James is more than ever ready with his Lakers. The ambition has never changed for the native of Akron, who wants to win a new ring before the end of his career, and if possible this season. Time flies for the player, who wants to give everything on the floor, especially after the terrible failure of the Angelinos last year, who failed to reach the playoffs or the play-in.

LeBron is loose about his haters!

If Anthony Davis is expected at the turn, it is the King who will be scrutinized closely. People always expect excellence from him, which he doesn’t seem to mind, nor do the critics actually. On The Shop’s latest show, James shared his mentality about haters, and the a lot of criticism he gets. A model quite simple to understand, and yet so effective.

“No, I don’t care what the consequences are after a missed shot. Maybe when I was younger, because I wanted to know what people thought. Now ? Nothing more to f*****. It’s probably changed since I was 25. I spent 7 years in the league, and the first in Miami, I still worried about what people thought of me. And then, suddenly, I thought to myself that I didn’t care. If I don’t take the shot, who will? It doesn’t matter, it can be shooting, or simply doing the best action possible. »

He made 8 finals in a row, I don’t care about his results, it’s incredibly hard to do. No one will succeed after him.

Always under pressure from the Cavaliers, and today with the Lakers, LeBron James remains positive. The King does not give a damn about criticism, especially when it comes from haters. He remains on mission, ready to do anything to taste the title again: it’s a big season that is emerging in the City of Angels.



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