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Le Nouvelliste | Weapons and violence, how will the US help Haiti?

Port-de-Paix customs officers carried out a new seizure of weapons on a boat coming from the United States of America, Thursday July 21, 2022.

This is the third seizure of weapons and ammunition in July. The same common denominator connects all the cases: the United States, country of origin of the materials of death.

In the USA, it is legal and easy to buy all kinds of weapons and ammunition without a specific permit. Without any questions. It is easy to obtain in certain states weapons and ammunition in quantity in the gun shops which abound and during the gun shows. And we can get it on the black market. It’s banal as weapons circulate.

Being on a stockpile procession is common except when, for one reason or another, you get nabbed by the police or one of the many security agencies.

It is also very easy to bring out in small quantities, in one or more batches, any shipment of arms and ammunition from the USA. In the country of king trade, exporting is a simple formality. Those who have already witnessed the shipment of container, car, drum or bokit to Haiti know that there is no cargo verification.

Of course, the police, customs, one of the American security agencies can arrest you or report your arrival to the country of destination. If this is the case you are arrested for violation of several laws at the port of destination or in the USA, if we take the case of Haiti.

Except for groups or individuals under surveillance, law enforcement in the United States is not concerned with protecting foreign countries from those who attempt to smuggle goods or merchandise into them.

It is up to the customs, coast guards and police of each country to monitor its borders. In the case of Haiti, our sieve borders are our main problem. By allowing smuggling to prosper officially, all kinds of products, including arms and ammunition, pass without too much difficulty. Except when the customs officers or the police decide to do their job.

Our weaknesses being known, it is to wonder how the USA, country of origin, and the USA main trainers and donors of the police and the Coast Guard can help Haiti?

Since the days of Hamilton, a famous United States Coast Guard vessel that monitored clandestine voyages, intercepted canter boats, destroyed them and brought passengers back to Haiti, the United States has known how to cordon off Haiti’s seas for years. 80, under the presidency of Jean-Claude Duvalier. They also know how to detect “Haitian” boats on the Miami River to prevent drug shipments from entering the United States. Will they help put an end to the arms and ammunition trade?

Has Haiti formally requested US assistance on the matter?

Was it at the request of the Haitian authorities that the United States opposed the Chinese proposal to impose an arms embargo on Haiti during the renewal of BINUH’s mandate?

Does the US have a more effective plan?

What about the millions of dollars in aid announced since January to strengthen the PNH?

Main support of the Haitian government, whoever the chief executive, the United States is well aware of the problems. Will they finally start to really help Haiti or will they continue to make the agreement of the agreements a prerequisite?



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