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Charles Barkley a répondu aux attaques de Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant breaks the silence and turns Charles Barkley dirty!

There are some month, Charles Barkley was ruthless with Kevin Durant, saying he didn’t have the soul of a leader, that he was content to be carried by better players. The main interested party came out of the silence and gave his vision of things on this subject. He wanted to remember who he was on the prize list.

The NBA microcosm revolves around Kevin Durant this summer, and his request to trade seems to paralyze the market. So obviously, some franchises that have no chance of welcoming him are trying a few shots, and in particular the Jazz, which has already parted ways with Rudy Gobert and could do the same with Donovan Mitchell, more and more approached in the Eastern Conference.

But failing to create concrete information, this sudden desire to leave creates many debates on the personality of KD, on his ability to face adversity, since at the first difficulty he wants to leave the Nets ship. For some observers, this leak would also be confirmation of Charles Barkley’s comments in the spring: Brooklyn’s No. 7 would not be a leaderhe would need to be brought to success.

Kevin Durant sees himself as the bus driver!

If the main interested party quickly defended himself on social networks with a simple tweet, he never spoke publicly about it. It is now done, since he returned to the attack on Charles Barkley in his podcast “The ETC’s”. Things are obviously quite clear: the criticisms are not valid or not real, since he has the respect of all the greats.

Passenger or bus driver… What does that mean? These are shitty criteria he created. He spoke as if I had done nothing with my career before coming to Golden State. I had my shoes, an MVP title… People are just jealous of the god. They think I’ll never have the respect of legends, but which ones? Whenever I meet a legend I get nothing but love.

Kevin Durant wants to make things clear about his career: he was already someone before joining the Warriors. Indeed, he was an MVP, a multiple All-Star, a multiple All-NBA player, he was considered one of the best forwards in the world, all accomplishments that cannot be denied. If he was a passenger in Golden State, he drove the OKC bus at full speed, especially during the epic in the Finals.

Still on the same show, he returned to his visit to the Bay:

My point average went down when I got to Golden State. I’ve never been jealous of a teammate there. I was very disappointed with the attitude of the local media as they started making up their stories after the dispute between Draymond and me. Apparently I was jealous, I was causing trouble, I was just trying to get away.

Kevin Durant loves Kevin Durant, and he calls him back pretty regularly. In his response to Charles Barkley, he did not hesitate to call himself “god”, once again, before spreading his record, as a reminder that he has dominated since long before his arrival at the Warriors.



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