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Les superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, Anthony Davis et Russell Westbrook, font l'objet d'une rumeur qui déprime les fans de la franchise en vue de la saison prochaine

“He is the one who will win the MVP next season”

The season hasn’t resumed yet, but predictions have already kicked in to try to find the next MVP. In this little game, Kendrick Perkins bet on the side of the Lakers, with more precisely Anthony Davis. On the side of Internet users, we are quite mixed, and especially concerning a domain. No choice, the star will have to reassure next year.

There will be action next year for the title, but also the individual awards. We imagine that Rudy Gobert will want to regain his crown of defender of the year, especially at Wolves, while the MVP remains very undecided. Can Nikola Jokic do the treble? Possible, but the competition also looks very strong. Kendrick Perkins had fun predicting the trophy, and he’s thinking about Anthony Davis.

Kendrick Perkins says Anthony Davis will win MVP next year.

Anthony Davis MVP? The detail that changes everything

It should be remembered that the interior comes out of a relatively disappointing season with the Lakers, since he spent a good part of his time on the side of the infirmary. Even once back on the court, we cannot say that he was unanimous, unable to prevent his people from missing the playoffs, and even a place for the play-in. For the supporters, it is impossible for this to happen, especially with his repeated injuries.

The guy won’t even play enough games to be eligible

He said that last year and look what happened. It will be played between Giannis, Embiid, Jokic and Doncic

AD for MIP (Most Injury Prone). *Most Injury Prone Player*

Anthony Davis for MVP? If he dreams of winning such a trophy, he will have to take care of his health and avoid injuries. Another failed season, and the interior will only worry fans. It is clear that for the time being, the majority of people do not approve of this statement by Kendrick Perkins.



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