For Andrew Bogut, managing James Wiseman at Golden State will not be easy

For Andrew Bogut, managing James Wiseman at Golden State will not be easy

The early career of James Wiseman is quite disappointing so far. The interior played only 39 matches in his first season, before being injured and not playing the 2021/2022 exercise, won by the Warriors.

He has a certain talent, but so far, we have seen too little of him on the court. And, in addition, he evolves in a team which has just won the title, and which is therefore not necessarily going to let him make too many mistakes to grow. A relatively small framework therefore, as noted by Andrew Bogut.

“As a young player, Wiseman tries to find his place, to settle down”comments the former center of Milwaukee and Golden State for the Light Years podcast. “The progression coincides with the minutes. It takes a lot of playing time and you have to play the end of the game. You have to make mistakes, lose close encounters and learn from that. He won’t have all that with the Warriors, and for quite a while. He will be a player who will have around 20 minutes. He will be an important element, but never Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson. »

“His individual progression will not be as fast as if he were in a bad team”

He therefore seems condemned to be a complementary player, the third or fourth option of the group, while he is a former second draft choice.

At the same time, it’s not given to everyone to arrive in a team that can aim so high.

“It will be frustrating for him”continues Andrew Bogut. “Long story short, he’s going to be frustrated but is part of a winning team. He’s young, so he probably has agents, friends, family who tell him he can do more, that we’re not going to let him shine and express his talent there. Then he might think so too. But he has Steve Kerr telling him they don’t need that, they have Curry. He must try to learn from Draymond Green, Curry, Thompson or Andre Iguodala. He must ask them questions and they will help him. »

Existing around Warriors stars Andrew Bogut knows well. Alongside the Curry – Green – Thompson trio, the Australian was valuable with his presence near the circle, his screens and his reading of the game, but much less important than with the Bucks, in his first years in the NBA.

“We have lobbed passes in this role”, slips the 2015 champion. “Wiseman can get three or four easy baskets a game. Concentrating on that at the start of the match will be essential. The rest will come slowly later. His individual progress will not be as fast as if he were on a bad team. He is in a system where he is asked to screen and move towards the circle. A lot of players would think they’re stars, first draft picks and want more. So for young people, it’s hard and there’s no magic formula for that. I’m curious to see how they’ll handle it. »



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