Donovan Mitchell avec le Jazz

Donovan Mitchell drops a new viral tweet, the fans are on fire!

Quoted in many rumors for a few weeks, Donovan Mitchell could leave the Jazz in the near future. Its future remains very undecided, but the player does nothing to calm the noises of corridors. With his recent post on Twitter, Spida fired up a few fans. Is a departure close? Some think about it.

After Royce O’Neale or Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell could be the next to leave the Jazz. Danny Ainge looks set to do a major rebuild in Salt Lake City, and rumor has it that Spida has become available. It was enough to see a rain of rumors about the player, with a relatively strong interest from the Knicks for the star. It must be said that the two parties have been linked for years, while the opportunity to recruit him finally presents itself for New York.

Trade inevitable for Donovan Mitchell?

However, that does not mean that a deal is close. If Mitchell is indeed available, you suspect that it will not be easy to dislodge him. Ainge asks a massive counterpart to let go of his star, to the point that the Knicks are reluctant to accept … unless there is a surprise. It must be said that Donovan dropped a rather interesting message on his Twitter account this Thursday evening.

God is good 🙏🏾

Clearly, Mitchell has received good news. It remains to be seen whether it is in the private setting, or rather in the public, with a possible… departure for the Knicks? This simple message was enough for some fans to get carried away:

Did the Knicks put together a package to get you back?

“Why is God good? Why would Donovan want to tweet that? Why ? »

Will Donovan Mitchell be traded soon? If so, we will have confirmation very soon for the star, who may be hoping for a departure from Jazz. But the latest news, he does not force anything, and is content to wait. It’s probably the best option for him.



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