Le rookie NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Austin Reaves, a livré une réaction virale face aux consignes de LeBron James

Austin Reaves, nugget of the Lakers, lets out a big rant!

Revelation of an otherwise very dull season for the Lakers, Austin Reaves has something to smile about at the dawn of his second NBA campaign. However, it is indeed a rant that the rear has dropped recently. And it is the fans of the Lakers who are the recipients…

Like Alex Caruso, Austin Reaves came out of nowhere to carve out a spot in the Lakers rotation. Duty player, able to shoot and sacrifice himself for the team, the one who was not drafted quickly won unanimous support in the locker room and in the hearts of the fans. As a sign of their affection, the purple and gold supporters have given Reaves two nicknames: “Hillbilly Kobe” and “AR-15”. Only here, the main interested party saw these two nicknames very badly…

Austin Reaves shocked by his nicknames

The first, an obvious reference to Kobe Bryant and to the “redneck” side of the 24-year-old, makes Reaves uncomfortable due to the Mamba’s passing. The second, based on his initials and number, is even more excruciating to assume, as he explained to ESPN:

I don’t condone any of the gun violence that’s going on in our country. Unfortunately, I can’t really control the nicknames given to me. I mean, it wasn’t me who asked people to call me that. “Hillbilly Kobe” is not necessarily the most delicate in view of the tragic death of Kobe.

In evoking firearms, Reaves refers to a mass shooting that moved the entire United States last May in Texas. The killer then took the lives of 21 people in an elementary school, armed… with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. The homonymous nickname, which was intended to be a reference to the famous “AK-47” of Andrei Kirilenko, does not pass at all with the rear of the Lakers:

Every time something so tragic happens, your heart sinks and you only think of the families who have to endure such torment.

You will understand, Austin Reaves wants at all costs that his two nicknames are forgotten for good. But because he still likes to have his nickname, the guy leaves the door wide open:

I am always open to new ideas. There is always a nickname that can come out that is better than the previous one. So I’m totally open to new things, and people racking their brains to think of new stuff for me. Especially since nicknames really help in terms of marketing and image.

You can submit your suggestions to Austin Reaves, who don’t ask so much to continue developing their brand. On the other hand, curtain for AR-15 and Hillbilly Kobe. It looks crisp and clear…



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