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Miles Bridges est encore très proche de Draymond Green

Accused of the worst, Miles Bridges trains with a Warriors star!

miles Bridges was to become a rich man this summer, by signing an extension worth more than a hundred million dollars… But after his dark case of domestic violence and violence against his child, he could finally end up in prison. While awaiting the verdict, he trains with a Warriors legend, which irritates the fans.

Author of an exceptional season, Miles Bridges was to be one of the stars of the Free Agency… At the end of the contract with Charlotte, he could have claimed a huge salary increase and an even more important place in the hierarchy of the best players. But after being accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend, supporting videoshis future could be written behind bars rather than on the floors.

Miles Bridges could face up to 11 years and 8 months in prison if convicted of domestic violence.

Miles Bridges spotted with Draymond Green!

While waiting for the verdict during this trial, Miles Bridges must occupy himself as best he can, clear his head, and for that he has decided to drown himself in training. He is still hopeful of returning to the field at the start of the school year, so he is ready, and has asked his mentor in the league for help: Draymond Green. A news that does not necessarily excite the fans…

Draymond Green has taken Miles Bridges under his wing since the latter’s move to Michigan State, so it’s no surprise to see them training together in the summer… But in the current context, this session sends a rather mixed picture to the fans, who would have preferred to know him away from the NBA world for years to come. Some had to face the facts reluctantly.

With all the silence surrounding the case, I have a feeling Miles Bridges is going to come back to the league as if nothing had happened, like Chris Brown after punching Rihanna.

As long as American justice has not decided and he is not convicted, Miles Bridges is presumed innocent. In this case, he has every right to train, to go out, to live, even if it displeases some fans who cannot imagine him returning to the league.



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