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Un trois-quarts centre de l

A three-quarter center from USA Perpignan arrives on loan at USON Nevers

To densify its line of three-quarters, the USON Nevers welcomes a young three-quarters center loaned by Perpignan: Emmanuel Vaitulukina (21 years old, 1.83 m, 94 kg). He should bring power in the center of the field, with the ability to mobilize several defenders, while playing behind him.

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The Caledonian also has the advantage of knowing the Pro D2, since he had been loaned to Carcassonne, during last season. He had also been a holder at Pré-Fleuri in the Aude XV. In three games, he had shown good dispositions and an ability to weigh on the defenses. Before that, he had come into play three times with Perpignan, once in the Top 14 and twice in the Challenge Cup.

Vaitulukina is a known name in Nevers, since Lionel, cousin of Emmanuel, wore the colors of the USON in hopes, until 2019. He then joined Bourges, where Emmanuel’s father and brother were then playing. The neo-Neversois will therefore not be in unfamiliar territory in the Nièvre.

In the center, he will have to do with competition from Rudy Derrieux, Aviata Silago, Alivereti Loaloa, Léonard Paris and Mattéo Faucher.

Neversoise recruits for 2022-2023: Kamaliele Tufele (left pillar, Montauban), Elia Elia (hooker, Bourg-en-Bresse), Cleopas Kundiona (right pillar, Chambéry), Ilia Kaikatsishvili (right pillar, Grenoble), Christiaan Van Der Merwe (second row, Carcassonne), Maka Polutele (second-third row, Chambéry), Steven David (third row, Valence-Romans), Arthurs Barbier (scrum-half, Marcq-en-Barœul), Emmanuel Vaitulukina (center, Perpignan), Christiaan Erasmus (winger, Bourg -en-Bresse), Perry Mayo (winger hope, Massy), Dylan Jaminet (back hope, Perpignan), Thomas Zénon (back, Béziers).

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