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L'arrière star du Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, a été l'auteur d'une sortie qui risque de ne pas être très bien reçue par son pivot français, Rudy Gobert

A former teammate throws cash on Rudy Gobert and the COVID scandal!

Rudy Gobert has achieved some great things on the pitch, he has an impressive track record and a huge contract, but for some his career will always come down to the scandal that his 2020 positive COVID test caused. swung cash on this.

Rudy Gobert will remain in the history of the league for a long time, he who has established himself as one of the best defenders of all time with his three Defender of the Year titles. And that’s not all, since he is also involved in one of the most controversial exchanges for a long time, he who joined Minnesota against 5 first-round picks. But Rudy Gobert, in the collective memory, it is also that:

Georges Niang reveals behind the scenes of Gobert’s COVID

Rudy Gobert is the first NBA player to have tested positive for COVID in 2020, and it is “because” of him that the season was suspended for long months. Many resented him, some even expressed the desire to smash his face, but what about his Jazz teammates. Passing through the podcast “Pardon My Take”, the former teammate of the Frenchman Georges Niang returned in detail to this affair.

When I think back to this case, what Rudy Gobert did with the reporters’ microphones was an incredible joke. But at the time we were all shocked, and in addition he had COVID! What’s even funnier is that I went to eat at his house that night, we were playing the Raptors at home. He told me that he didn’t feel well before leaving for Oklahoma City, that he wasn’t on his plate.

The thing is that two days earlier, the health authorities explained to us that at the slightest symptom we had to call a doctor and isolate ourselves. On the plane to OKC he was sweaty, he was dripping, but we were all betting on a cold. The next day he couldn’t train, and Jordan Clarkson kept saying, “Rudy caught that shit, I know that.”

Seeing him touch the microphones of all the journalists with a big smile, it was difficult to know that Rudy Gobert was not feeling well. Yet he not only struggled to eat with Georges Niang after that lunar press conference, he also made the sweaty trip to Oklahoma City, no doubt freezing with symptoms. If he had followed the rules imposed by the authorities, the 2019-2020 season might not have ended on March 11.

Today, Rudy Gobert would be just one more COVID-positive player, which is no longer a eventt. But at the time, and because he was the first, he was singled out by his colleagues. Still, some found the situation funny.



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