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Joe Biden

USA. Even CNN concedes that senile Joe Biden is very unpopular

In the 2020 presidential election, President Biden officially set the record for the most votes cast for a presidential candidate in United States history. Although some questioned the legality of the election, the numbers were official. Biden, one of the oldest and most senile career politicians in U.S. history, has finally taken the job he’s coveted for nearly 50 years. He received 81,284,000 votes, far surpassing the record of 69,498,516 votes set by Obama in 2008. However, since then, the incumbent president’s popularity has continued to be one of the lowest on record for a sitting US president. Although initially denied by the neoliberal media, Biden’s unpopularity became so obvious that even they had to admit it, including their flagship, CNN.

According to the latest CNN poll by SSRS, Biden has reached the lowest rating of his political career. The poll indicates that public opinion is by far the worst it has seen since 2009. According to the controversial news network, around 70% of Americans believe that President Biden is not paying attention to the country’s most pressing issues. . His approval rating is 38% and his disapproval rating is 62%. His ratings for handling the economy and inflation are 30% and 25% respectively, which is significantly lower than the official overall approval rating. The soaring cost of living is the number one concern for most US citizens, with 75% of them saying that inflation is the most serious problem. Last summer, that figure was 43%.

Biden’s unpopularity spills over to the Democratic Party itself. CNN says even among Democrats, Biden’s approval has dropped 13% since late April (86% to 73% in July). The numbers are even worse when broken down. Biden’s approval rating with CNN on handling the economy is 62% (down 9% from April, when it was 71%). When it comes to inflation, it’s even worse, with 51% of Democrats approving, while 47% disapproving. Among people of color, less than half (45%) are satisfied with Biden’s overall performance (down from 54% in April). According to the poll, that includes a 6% and 9% decline among blacks and Hispanics respectively. Approval ratings of managing the economy and inflation are now negative among blacks, with 52% and 65% disapproval, respectively. Considering that black people have been some of Biden’s staunchest supporters, these numbers are pretty telling of the president’s performance.

Right now, only 12% of Americans strongly support Biden, while 43% strongly disapprove of him. Among Democrats, only 28% strongly approve of it, while 84% of Republicans strongly disapprove of it. Public opinion of the economy and the state of the country in general is “deeply negative and worsening,” CNN says. Since April, the percentage of people saying that “things are bad for the country” has now reached a staggering 79%, the highest since February 2009, and just 4% from the worst result on record (November 2008). Most alarming for the DNC is that this change largely comes from Democratic voters themselves, with only 38% now saying things are going well in the country. This figure was 61% in April. At the same time, a similar drop is seen among people of color, which fell from 41% to 27% in July.

Overall, only 18% of Americans think the economy is doing well, while 82% say it is bad, with 41% describing it as “very bad,” up 11% from April and almost double since December 2021. While economists warn of an impending recession, most Americans believe it is already underway. The CNN poll reveals that 64% of them believe that the economy is going through a recession. This figure includes 56% of Democrats, 63% of Independents and 76% of Republicans. When asked to name the biggest economic problem facing their family today, 75% of Americans cite the cost of living and inflation, with 38% citing inflation and rising costs in general, 29% the price of petrol and 18% the price of foodstuffs. All of these numbers have risen sharply since last summer.

While public attention has shifted sharply to inflation, few believe attention on Mr Biden’s topic has followed, with 68% saying he hasn’t paid attention. attention to the country’s most important issues, up from 58% last November. Among Democrats, 57% say he has the right priorities, down nearly 20 points from 75% last fall. Among people of color, just 35% say he has the right priorities, and among those under 35, just 23% say the president has the right priorities. The ratings for handling immigration (39%) and Ukraine (46%) may be better than those for the economy, but they are still negative.

The poll also indicates that the personal ratings of the president and vice president have suffered. Just before their inauguration, 59% and 51% had a favorable opinion of Biden and Kamala Harris, respectively. Today, these figures are 36% and 32%. With the midterm elections just months away, there is no sign that Biden’s ratings with the public will improve. The unpopularity of the outgoing president is likely to affect the results of the Democratic Party in these elections.

The popularity of governments across the political West has declined sharply in 2022. With Emmanuel Macron facing a hostile parliament, Boris Johnson’s prime minister hanging in the balance, the German government on the brink of collapse and the Italian government already effectively collapsed, the political crisis in the West could soon turn into a global crisis of globalism.

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