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Snobé du top 75 all-time, Tony Parker sort du silence ! NBA

Tony Parker: ‘This team should take inspiration from my 2013 Spurs’

Removed from the NBA floors for several years now, Tony Parker remains a keen observer of the North American league. Moreover, the greatest French player in history has identified a team for which he predicts a future of champions… provided they imitate the Spurs of 2013 and 2014. Follow the guide, it’s clear and clear!

Tony Parker is a busy businessman. After a successful season with ASVEL, the former San Antonio point guard flew to the United States. The opportunity in particular to observe the Summer League, to support his brother TJ, present in the staff of the Bucks for this edition, and to give some interviews to the American media which he undoubtedly misses. It was at the microphone of Jay King of The Athletic, in particular, that TP spoke in depth about the case of the Celtics.

Tony Parker gives Boston the way forward

Beaten by a more experienced, more organized, more mature and simply better Warriors team, the C’s are struggling to digest their loss last spring. Do not panic, Parker knows exactly what Jayson Tatum and his clique must do: take inspiration from the Spurs.

For me, the way we lost in 2013 created our title in 2014. That might be one of the greatest NBA Finals performances in history. Possibly the finest basketball Spurs have ever played. In 2014, I think we were at the highest level I have known in my career. And it all started with the 2013 loss. The Celtics, that’s what they have to do too.

To manage to bounce back like the Spurs, the C’s will first have to rediscover the sense of teamwork that made them strong in the second half of the season, and follow their coach Ime Udoka. A guy that TP knows particularly well, having worked with him for almost 10 years in Texas during his professional career. And the quadruple NBA champion has no doubts about the ability of his former assistant coach (2012-2019, editor’s note) to start again:

He was with us during those years. So he can definitely draw inspiration from some of the things that we had to overcome. I played with him as a teammate, and I had him as a coach. He’s been through it all with us, and he knows better than anyone how to bounce back from a terrible loss in the NBA Finals.

A competitor at heart, Parker seems optimistic about the chances of success for a Boston team that has impressed observers in 2022. And if Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and his colleagues want to put the odds in their favor, YouTube is full of videos of the famous Spurs of 2014, who were familiar with the stars of the orange ball.

Tony Parker has confidence in the Celtics to recover from the disappointment suffered by Steph Curry’s troops, and he clearly invites Boston to follow in the footsteps of the legendary San Antonio team in 2014. A guarantee of success if Ime Udoka achieves this feat …



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