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La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, s'est agacée au sujet du prétendu rival de Stephen Curry qui serait capable de l'éteindre sur le terrain

The Warriors badly sanctioned by the league!

The NBA doesn’t usually mess around when it comes to sanctioning players, but it works for owners too. Joe Lacob, who owns the Warriors, criticized the system put in place, which did not sit well with the league. Results ? Big fine in return, which does not not everyone likes it.

It is not only in the middle of the season that the NBA can sanction with a large fine, it is also the case during the summer. Players have to be careful what they say, but that also goes for the staff, or in this case, the owners. In a recent interview, Joe Lacob, who owns the Warriors, complained about the NBA’s tax system, calling it “unfair.” The Dubs are dropping a lot of money because of it, but the NBA didn’t like it.

The NBA has fined the owner of the Golden State Warriors $500,000 for his recent comments regarding the league’s collective bargaining agreement, where Lacob described the luxury tax system as unfair.

It is obviously no coincidence that Lacob says that, since the Warriors must pay almost 400 million dollars because of this system. A substantial sum for the owner, who is visibly fed up.

Bad move for the Warriors, punished by the league!

You should know that in the league, there are only the Clippers who do worse, they who exceed 400 million precisely. The NBA does not show pity and sanctions, because it is forbidden to discuss the collective agreement, which will soon be re-negotiated in the coming weeks. However, is it really fair to punish Lacob in this way, for a mere opinion? The fans are very mixed.

The NBA hates the Warriors, yet they dominate the league.

Freedom of expression is gone

Joe Lacob shouldn’t have criticized the NBA, and here’s the result. A very steep fine for the owner, who will have to be discreet, while hoping for a development of the luxury tax in the future. It’s not impossible for Golden State, which will need it with the possible extensions of Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins.



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