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NBA Deandre Ayton inarrêtable contre Indiana

The Suns humiliated for their handling of the Deandre Ayton case!

Finally, and after signing a contract with the Pacers, Deandre Ayton will stay with the Suns. The franchise decided to match the offer in question, having priority to retain the pivot. An incomprehensible decision, especially given the management of the leaders. A nice fiasco in Arizona.

The Suns’ Big Three will finally return next year, to everyone’s surprise. Deandre Ayton had however not reached an agreement with his team to extend a year ago, and the majority of insiders were able to confirm it: the front office no longer wanted the pivot. Rather than offer him a maximum contract, Phoenix wanted to set up a trade to recover some consideration this summer, so as not to lose the first pick of the 2018 draft for nothing.

The Suns’ incredible fiasco with Deandre Ayton

In the end, none of that, and it looks like a huge change of heart for the Suns. They have decided to match the sum offered by the Pacers, but we imagine that this decision should not delight Ayton. The latter, aware of his strengths, knows that his team does not believe in him. Sooner or later, a departure seems inevitable in Arizona, but not before January 15. Ayton is protected for several months, and can now refuse any trade for a full year. On Twitter, many people ridiculed the Suns and their leaders.

So the Suns don’t think Ayton is worth the maximum, but now they have to keep Ayton for 3/4 more months, before they can look for another trade, which the player can refuse with a veto (in place for a year, editor’s note )? Just because they didn’t want to lose it to anything?

So the Suns refuse to give a 5-year contract, compared to 172.5 million for Ayton with his rookie extension before the 2021/22 season. But they decided, however, to match the Pacers’ offer worth 4 years and 133 million.

So the Suns can capitulate by agreeing to Ayton’s demands (which they didn’t want to do before) and sink into the luxury tax, or lose it for nothing. Concretely, we have seen the peak of the Suns, or we are close to it.

You have to understand that no matter what, the Suns lost. The franchise has matched the Pacers’ offer, of course, but what it did not want to do a year ago by refusing the contract extension for Ayton. She is forced to keep it today, with the pivot who can refuse any trade for a year thanks to this move. As a bonus, the player will not forget this choice of leaders, who were ready to let him go twice, and who refused to give him the maximum. A fiasco.

Deandre Ayton remains 4 more years at the Suns, but with the possibility of refusing his trade, and especially with a certain hatred for his leaders one imagines. A big mistake from the front office, which will be able to seek to exchange it from January onwards. What poor management.



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