the NBA bets on AI and opts for the Uplift Capture solution

the NBA bets on AI and opts for the Uplift Capture solution

Since it appeared in the field of sport, artificial intelligence has taken more and more space and plays an important role at many levels: recruitment, training, performance analysis, matches, injury prevention … As part of its “Launchpad” program, the NBA turned to Uplift Labs’ solution for capturing body movements in order to analyze them to improve player performance.

Like all major sports federations, the NBA began by recording its games and using the data to produce statistics. Then in the early 2010s, she called on Stats Perform, one of the leaders in AI and data technology in the field of sports, whose SportVu cameras later enabled her to analyze the different elements of the game in real time. At the start of the year, it chose Uplift Labs for its solution allowing body movements to be captured and visualized in 3D, already used by certain MLB (Major League Baseball) franchises. .

The Uplift Capture Solution

Co-founded by Sukemasa Kabayama, Jonathan Wills and Rahul Rajan, Uplift Labs, based in Palo Alto, California, Uplift Labs was established in 2017. The AI-powered Uplift Capture solution provides analytics to improve performance while minimizing injury in sports, fitness and everyday life. The company’s chief performance officer is none other than Keke Lyles, formerly chief performance officer for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. He had then helped Stephen Curry, the famous player, to avoid his problems with ankle injuries.

Very often, to collect and analyze data, sensors are integrated into players’ equipment, materials or clothing. The Uplift Capture solution only requires two smartphones and tripods. The movements of the player(s) are not captured during a match but filmed indoors or on the pitch by the coach. Both videos are used to recreate the athlete’s movement in full 3D, the biomechanical images are of high quality according to the co-founders. The web-based dashboard allows analysis of raw video synchronized with 3D visualization and motion data.

A single phone solution should soon be accessible to everyone, it will provide the intelligence to allow its users to interpret the data. In the meantime, coaches can use Uplift Capture to improve performance and prevent some of their players’ injuries.



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