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NBA Le gros troll des Warriors pour les Lakers

The Lakers, Celtics, Clippers: Steph Curry distributes tackles without mercy!

Steph Curry experienced an important first for him on Wednesday, as he presented the ESPYs, a sporting event aimed at rewarding certain personalities. The point guard won a trophy, as did Klay Thompson. But as a presenter, he was mainly able to start the show with a monologue, and some teams took a lot of money. We think of the Lakers and the Celtics.

A few weeks after winning another NBA title, Steph Curry was still very busy this Wednesday evening, since he was the presenter of the ESPYs. An event that rewards athletes, while the leader of the Warriors was invited to do the show on the stage. We can say that it is successful, the Chief having distributed the tackles for the other teams. From the intro, we can say that the tone was set.

I’m your host Steph Curry, very proud husband of Ayesha Curry, very proud child of Dell Curry, and proud dad…of the Boston Celtics.

Steph Curry attacks the Lakers!

But the evening was just getting started for Curry, who had quite a few jokes in store. The Lakers suffered again after their strategy last summer, signing quite a few veterans to come off the bench. A tactic that ended in a nasty failure, but no mercy for Steph.

“It was so inspiring to see you play, to win a Super Bowl, to see you celebrate like that. It’s really nice to see that the strategy of buying old players works for at least one team around here. »

Another player who suffered a tackle? Celtics member Grant Williams. So inevitably Curry, who beat the franchise a few weeks ago, was not asked.

It’s good to see you again Grant Williams. I know you like that color, so maybe I’ll let you borrow that costume after. I might even let you wear a ring…

Finally, even Draymond Green invited himself to the presentation with a little reference with his podcast, which has been so talked about in recent months. The interior lent itself to the game, with a tackle for the poor Clippers:

“Welcome to the Draymond Green Show. I’m live from the LA side, home of 7 pro teams…and the Clippers. »

Between Steph Curry and Draymond Green, the ESPYs made the show, too bad for the Celtics and the Lakers. Nothing very personal, since it’s the game to make fun of the competition a little. However, the reunion promises to be very special next year.



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