LeBron James en colère après un coup de sifflet de l'arbitre

LeBron James publicly humiliated by a player from the West!

A great figure in the orange ball across the Atlantic, LeBron James does not only have friends among his peers. One of them notably dropped on the King recently, with an incredibly violent tackle. Clearly, the quadruple champion had not asked for anything!

After 20 years in the league, LeBron James has built a status not far from mythical with the majority of players. After all, we are talking about one of the best basketball players of all time, who has won everything and who is still evolving on a breathtaking individual level, when he is already 37 years old. The respect is therefore immense for the Laker… well, if we except the case of Jonas Valanciunas of course, because that is another story.

Indeed, the veteran inside clearly doesn’t seem to be the winger’s biggest fan. Invited to imitate the Chosen in a game of charades, while he is in his native Lithuania, the big man from New Orleans has indeed allowed himself a huge madness. He thus began by copying the crying of children, before pretending to be touched by a contact and falling. In other words, he publicly accuses No. 6 of the Pourpres et Ors of being a whiner as well as a first-class flopper:

Jonas Valanciunas throws a space tackle at LeBron

Difficult to do more humiliating with regard to LBJ, who had asked absolutely nothing. Where does this hostility towards him come from? In fact, it should be remembered that JV was a fundamental member of the Raptors in the mid-2010s. The latter had then regularly come up against the Cavs de Bron in the playoffs, sometimes in a very cruel way. For the fans, he therefore wishes to take revenge for these repeated failures, although the way makes more than one laugh:

Valanciunas still hasn’t recovered from what LeBron did to the Raptors

Those years against LeBron in Toronto must have made him sour because that looks like the most random tackle on someone I’ve ever seen.

One thing is certain, the matches between the Pelicans and the Lakers will be to be followed very closely next season. After such a provocation signed Jonas Valanciunas, there is no doubt that LeBron James will want to respond to him in a shattering way, thus washing his honor.



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