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Les superstars NBA Russell Westbrook et James Harden lors du match entre les Los Angeles Lakers et les Brooklyn Nets

“Harden did something Westbrook would never have done, I find respect for him again”

James Harden’s recent decision has been talked about in NBA circles, and often in a positive way. But as is the case lately, Russell Westbrook also took a cleat in the kneecap in passing. At least the Brodie is getting used to it…

Rather accustomed to being criticized in the press for a few years, James Harden made a name for himself by making a big decision on the night of Wednesday to Thursday. The former Houston star has indeed refused a huge player option, in order to sign a more modest contract at around 35 million dollars a year. Thanks to this decision, Philadelphia will be able to strengthen significantly:

The fact that Harden declined his $47.4 million option allows the Sixers to use the full mid-level exception on PJ Tucker, and the bi-annual exception to sign Danuel House.

James Harden hailed, Russell Westbrook dragged through the mud

Of course, this decision contrasts with the situation of Russell Westbrook, who will collect $47 million for the coming season and who refuses to sit on this amount. Skip Bayless therefore rushed into the breach to warmly congratulate the Bearded, while sending some missiles of which he has the secret to Brodie:

I had lost a lot of respect for James Harden, who sadly left the Rockets and then the Nets. But in this case, he did something Westbrook can’t. He looked in the mirror and said, “I’m not Houston Harden anymore, I don’t have a ring, and I owe this team something because I cost them a lot last year. past. It is time for me to make a sacrifice”. This sacrifice is 14 million dollars, it is significant!

He wants to show that he is ready to sacrifice himself for the good of the team, and he has allowed the roster to improve. Now it will be a question of whether Joel Embiid is in playoff form. But assuming he had enough money he was willing to sacrifice, James Harden maximized his chances of winning the Sixers. And for that, I say bravo. His reputation goes up in my eyes, because I didn’t think he was capable of doing that.

No one knows what the approval of Skip Bayless is worth in the eyes of James Harden, but the Bearded man has in any case made a happy person by sacrificing himself in this way. It remains to be hoped that his strategy pays off for him, but such a gesture, in line with what several stars have done before him, must indeed be welcomed.

James Harden has changed: individual statistics and solo trophies no longer interest him. The Beard does not want to hang up the sneakers without a championship title, and he seems to be betting almost everything on the coming season. Philly fans can break out the popcorn…



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