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From Draguignan to the USA, how the Colorblock clothing brand explodes the codes

From Draguignan to the USA, how the Colorblock clothing brand explodes the codes

A translucent look, where determination is reflected, and an approach guided by passion…

To just 28 years old, the former international model, Mathieu Assez, is a model of success.

After having criss-crossed the catwalks and crossed more than a hundred countries, for nearly ten years, the Dracénois set himself a major challenge: to create his own line of clothing.

A daring bet, taken up hands down since a year ago the Colorblock brand was born, with a design recognizable among all.

“I can’t really explain it, but I’ve always loved fashionconcedes the young man. I cultivate a style all my own, and those around me constantly ask me when it comes to choosing clothes. This is perhaps, one thing leading to another, that the desire came to me to create my own brand”which Mathieu describes as “cheerful and colorful” et which, since its creation, has come a long way.

50% bought by the son Lagardère

“The color block trend already exists and was driven by Yves Saint Laurent in the 1960s. But the brand had never been registered…until I took charge of itsmiles Matthew. It may seem paradoxical because, deep down, I’m a very shy and reserved person, who doesn’t necessarily like to show off, but I chose this design for its originality. It stands out with what we are used to seeing and that’s what I like, and which looks like me”.

Influenced by his countless travels, and a personality out of the ordinary, Mathieu Assez’s style has already won many followers in France – via e-commerce and his two showrooms in Marseille and Lyon. Better still: founded in Draguignan, the company has just moved its headquarters across the Atlantic, to the emblematic city of New York, where Mathieu worked a lot alongside his friend Emery.

Now his partner, the 26-year-old is none other than the son of French businessman Arnaud Lagardère. And his commitment to Mathieu marks a real turning point in the life of the Dracénoise company.

“Emery is director of innovations in a digital marketing agency. I met him in Paris, five years agosays Mathieu. In 2019, I moved to New York and we collaborated together on the organization of events in the industry of the vie de Nuit. Today, seduced by the brand, he has just bought 50% of my company and we are totally complementary. Emery manages the commercial part, and I devote myself to the creation of new collections.”

A new collection presented in New York

In talks with American – but also French – brands, Mathieu Assez intends to push the limits of the possible ever further. Next September, the Dracénois will present his new range of jeans in New York, during an event that promises to be, like his line, colorful.

But in the meantime, Mathieu wishes to deliver a message for young people who, like him, have a dream or an ambition in a field that is dear to them: “In embarking on this adventure, I did not ask myself any questions. To apart from failing, what was I risking? So my advice is simple: go for it! Don’t take the risk of having regrets…”

And that’s good because Mathieu did not have one, and even offered himself success as a bonus.




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