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Evan Fournier face aux Lakers

Evan Fournier cowardly attacked by a fan, his viral response

New York fans, and more particularly those of the Knicks, are sometimes quite extreme in their reactions… The proof, after the excellent Summer League of a nugget of the franchise, a fan did not hesitate to cowardly attack Evan Fournier, so that he leaves his place to the young player.

After a completely failed season, the leaders of the Knicks are doing everything in their power to improve the roster and find the playoffs fairly quickly. From the opening of the Free Agency, for example, they offered the services of Jalen Brunson, revelation of the last playoffs with the Mavericks. According to all the specialists, they overpaid the back, but that was what was needed to attract him.

And the leaders are not yet satisfied, they want more. So for several days, the name of Donovan Mitchell comes up insistently on the side of the Big Apple, even if the price demanded by the Jazz is unbelievably high. And because the idea of ​​welcoming the All-Star excites fans, some do not hesitate to go very far on social networks to see current players disappear and make room for Mitchell:

A fan wishes an injury to Fournier, he answers perfectly!

Quentin Grimes: 🧘

Internet user: Injures Evan Fournier in training

After his incredible Summer League, Quentin Grimes has let his fans know that he intends to rest, to recharge, which could allow him to totally explode next season in the role of substitute back… But this fan wants more, he wants to see the Canadian start the meetings, and for that, he did not hesitate to wish an injury to Evan Fournier. Principal responded with a new viral tweet:

Damn my guy lol

In the world of professional sport, there is nothing worse, more cruel, than wishing an injury to an athlete… Most fans know this and abstain, which was not the case for this “supporter” of the Knicks, and which surprised Evan Fournier a lot. Fortunately he is only a minority, New Yorkers with morals obviously wish him the best, even if they want to see Mitchell land.

Yes, if Evan Fournier stays in New York it will be difficult to bring Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks. Yes, the French could slow down the long-awaited progress of Quentin Grimes… But these are not reasons to wish him an injury!



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