Dyson Daniels wasted no time in Las Vegas

Dyson Daniels wasted no time in Las Vegas

Dyson Daniels did try to scratch some playing time in the last Summer League game against OKC. In vain, his right ankle injury not yet completely healed, and the Pelicans staff logically preferred not to take any risks.

The Australian prospect, released from Team Ignite, therefore settled for 8 minutes of playing time during the competition, on July 9 against Portland, before joining the bench. He was thus able to focus on the “sides” of his new life as an NBA player, starting with meeting his prestigious teammates, including the McCollum – Ingram – Williamson trio, also present in Las Vegas.

“They were awesome. I’ve seen them here in games, during our Summer League training camp as well. They welcome you as if you were one of them. They are very welcoming. Everyone I’ve spoken to has said it’s one of the best bands they’ve worked with, whether it’s the culture they’ve built, the way they like to be together, play for each other and support each other. Team cohesion is important these days and it’s clear the Pelicans have that.”he explained.

A Dyson as an information vacuum cleaner

Failing to be able to jump into the deep end, this Summer League has turned into an observation internship for Dyson Daniels, allowing him to immerse himself in the playing culture of his new team and to gather as much information as possible. in order to be ready for the start of training camp which will kick off next season.

“It was very beneficial for me. I was able to learn systems and better understand our way of playing, with fast play. I’m sure when arriving at training camp with the current team, things will be similar. It was about getting that knowledge.”he added.

Despite this setback in terms of health, he was able to take advantage of his experience in Las Vegas, while keeping a smile, especially in relation to his injury, he who declared on Sunday feeling good and aiming for a 100% return. “in about a week”.

“Obviously I only played eight minutes, which doesn’t allow me to get much out of it, but I analyzed the game, I saw the details of the game. I was on the edge of the pitch to see how I could impact the win. I just learned about the game, like how players get to their spots and get their shots. It’s a good learning experience, but not what I was expecting”.

The process has only just begun for the fullback who will now focus on his work plan for this summer.

“I’m going to work on my physique in order to be ready for the best for the NBA. I will follow a good diet and nutrition plan where I always eat the right foods. Gain some weight too. I have the size, I just need to grow a bit, in order to be ready for this training camp, because it’s going to be a battle”.



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