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NBA John Wall ultra-cash sur les Lakers

Barely at the Clippers, John Wall dismantles the Lakers!

Since signing with the Clippers, John Wall seems to be freewheeling on the media front. The leader multiplies the wild punchlines in the press, and the latest concerns the Lakers squarely. His new fans will love them!

After more than a year without playing, John Wall will finally return to competition next fall. Shelved by the Rockets who had gone into a total reconstruction, the guard ended up being cut a few weeks ago. A godsend for him, and he immediately knew how to bounce back by landing at the Clippers. Going from a bottom team to a candidate for the playoffs, we have known worse as a change of scenery for the former star of the Wizards.

Inevitably, the person concerned is hot as embers at the idea of ​​​​finding the parquet floors, and he had not hidden it recently with an ultra-arrogant exit in the press. Except that obviously, Optimus Dime still has a lot to say, and he spoke in particular about the Los Angeles derby during an interview with ESPN. If the Purples and Golds had tried to obtain it at the beginning of July, its message for them should now be anything but to their liking:

John Wall is not afraid of the Lakers at all

A battle ? Whatever they call it, I guess. I think the Clippers haven’t lost, what, the last 8 times they’ve played if I’m not mistaken? Yeah. Both rosters haven’t been healthy, both teams haven’t been competitive, but you know, we know what they have there. And we know what quality we have on our side.

So I think it’s going to be a big battle and I think it’s going to be a big opportunity for me. I think a lot of people are going to be able to see me play on TV. I mean, being with Kawhi and these guys, they have a lot of games on TV. I think that’s when people can see you doing the show.

Statistically, the dragster is relatively accurate: the last seven meetings between the two franchises have ended in favor of the Sailboats, who have even won 14 of the last 19 duels. For 5 years, they have clearly flown over this derby, which explains this extreme confidence of J-Wall towards his own teammates. He also hopes to be able to show himself in the eyes of all thanks to the media exposure. On the side of the fans of LeBron & co., the answer was not long in coming:

John Wall is finished, we are not afraid of him

John Wall makes it clear he’s not terribly afraid of the Lakers given the Angelinos’ record against their local rival in recent years. The Purples and Golds will certainly want to shut him down, from the first clash at the Arena.



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