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When is an NBA game in Australia?  Andrew Bogut tackles the NBA

When is an NBA game in Australia? Andrew Bogut tackles the NBA

In recent years the NBA has been exporting more and more and in France we even have the chance to host regular season games. Next pre-season there will be games in Abu Dhabi, Japan, and no doubt in other countries, but there is one that is still waiting to be able to host the big league despite its interest in the latter, it’s Australia. Never in its history has Australia seen an NBA game take place on its land, and it seriously annoys Andrew Bogut. If the Boomers hope that the arrival of the promising Dyson Daniels or else the beautiful start of Josh Giddey’s career can change that, the former Warrior does not believe it.

“I hope it does, but I think Dyson Daniels will be in the same position I’ve been in for years trying to ask questions about why we don’t even think about it,” Andrew said. Bogut to the Herald Sun. “The NBA looks at Australia and says, ‘It’s a small country, in the western world, developed, we’re already making money from them and they’re spending a lot of money on our products. Why would we send a team there to invest when we can send it to the Philippines, to China, to Africa, to those nations that have a lot more people where people don’t spend that much money? That’s basically what people I trust, people in the industry, told me. »

Another concern is also the geographical position of Australia. A few years ago the NBA explained that there was also a problem of logistics and timing. Basically it would take at least a week in the calendar of the two teams. Not ideal for the pre-season, although teams can play two games there, as is done in Asia, let alone in the regular season or in general it is only one game.

“If I had to bet, I would bet around 2030 to have a game,” said Andrew Bogut. “The NBA is going to bet everything on India, China, the Philippines and those kinds of countries first because Australians are already spending their money on the NBA. »

Australia hosted Team USA, in games attended by over 50,000 spectators at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne in preparation for the 2019 World Cup.

“The games against Team USA were like, ‘There, now shut up. You were given NBA players on Australian soil,” explained the retiree. “Then as it happened only a few years ago, I highly doubt that we will have an NBA game in Australia in the years to come. Maybe in the late 2020s. But it won’t be the Lakers, Warriors, Celtics or Knicks. Maybe it will be Dyson Daniels’ Pelicans and Josh Giddey’s OKC. I think it will happen, but it will have to wait. »




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