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La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, aurait failli « tuer » un adversaire selon un ancien rival

“The Warriors must not do this”

Defending champion, Golden State intends to defend its status as the best team in the league in 2022-23. However, in order not to get in the way, the Californians should imperatively avoid a specific move, concerning one of their nuggets.

As so often, the champion’s workforce experienced some upheaval following the obtaining of the Larry O’Brien trophy, on the side of the Warriors. Overall, however, the hard core of the team has remained the same, enough to attack next season with back-to-back in sight. Proof of their immense talent in recruiting, the Dubs have also recorded a new big signing, recently.

However, there are still a few issues to settle in the Bay, and not just any. There is in particular that of Jordan Poole, who is eligible for a contract extension. The rear clearly expressed it following the end of the campaign, he wants the jackpot, he who could receive around 100 million dollars over four years. A very nice sum! Except that according to a Cape Town specialist who spoke with Bleacher ReportGolden State would do well to wait a bit before giving in to its demands:

The max for Jordan Poole, very bad idea?

What is the advantage of signing him in the long term now? He’s not on the same level as guys like Luka Doncic Where Donovan Mitchell, who have proven they can carry a team on their shoulders. It’s close, but it’s not quite there yet. If he follows up with another great season, you pay for it. But before this year, he was a rotation player at best.

We tend to forget it now, but before 2021-22, Poole was not exactly a player who stirred up envy. During his sophomore season, he still only averaged 12 points at 35% success behind the arc. Not ridiculous, but clearly not enough to make a future star either. It would therefore first be necessary to make sure that his explosion was not simply temporary, under penalty of overpaying him without knowing it.

In addition to that, it should be remembered that the finances of Californians are tight, which also explains why they had opened the door to his eventual departure. The objective remains all the same to be able to keep it, even if it means dragging out the negotiations. A method that is actually quite common within the league, as explained by B/R. The US media has thus given an example of the player’s draft comrades, and not the least since they are nuggets who have hit the jackpot this summer:

Negotiations around Poole will likely take some time to finalize. Typically, the majority of contract extensions for former first-round picks entering the fourth year of their careers are usually finalized the last week before the following season. Within the 2019 vintage, the former first choice Zion Williamsonthe former second choice Ja Morantand point guard Darius Garland, also an All-Star, all signed their maximum contracts at the start of free agency.

Jordan Poole has yet to prove that his blowout wasn’t fleeting, so the Warriors can be sure he’s earned the jackpot. The problem is that everything moves very quickly in the NBA, and if the Dubs don’t do it, others will jump at the chance to steal their back…



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