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NBA La relation entre Rodman et Madonna

The 10 craziest pickup lines said by women to Dennis Rodman!

With his characteristic style and his unbridled way of life, Dennis Rodman had a great success with the fairer sex during his glorious years. Moreover, the whimsical ex-player of the Bulls had the good idea (or not) to draw up a list of the 10 “best” sentences that women pronounced to him in an attempt to seduce him. Be careful, it’s serious stuff.

Dennis Rodman was, is, and will remain one of the most atypical characters in NBA history. A veritable free spirit in a league where original tattoos and haircuts were still rare, the interior gained worldwide fame by becoming the sidekick of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen during the successful three-peat by the Bulls between 1996 and 1998. And to say that he was living his best life then is an understatement…

Not content to spend his evenings and nights in various nightclubs, bars and strip clubs across the United States, D-Rod was, like many of his counterparts, a great seducer. And like his peers, he often didn’t have to force his talent to find suitors, for the good and simple reason that they threw themselves on him.

The 10 craziest pickup lines dropped on Dennis Rodman

A few years ago, for some reason, Rodman decided to reveal the 10 craziest phrases he had heard from women who wanted to seduce him. Far from Madonna and Carmen Electra, with whom the ex-Bull had adventures, these examples are often more direct, and a little less classy!

1. “Can I just touch you?” »

2. “I think you’re the sexiest guy on earth”

3. “I’m from Detroit” (Most women told me that).

4. “If I was 10 years younger, I’d fuck ****** with you” (An 80-year-old lady told me that).

5. “I hate my husband. I need someone to satisfy me”

6. “Remember that night I was naked, you were naked, and we got exhausted? ” (Yes of course)

7. “I’m not normally attracted to guys. But you, if

8. “I haven’t talked to you all day, but I’m fucking you right now”

9. “I want to sleep with you like Madonna.” If you fucked her, you must not be bad”

10. “Your b*** would look nice in my mouth.”

Obviously, we were never bored with Dennis Rodman at the time… Be aware, however, that the main interested party has indicated that he very rarely responds to this type of request. Contrary to the image he might send back, the genius rebounder wanted above all to establish an emotional connection with a person before taking action. And that is quite commendable.

Dennis Rodman has heard almost everything in terms of advances from women, and in view of certain attempts, not everything must have been fruitful… One thing is certain: we are impatiently awaiting the memoirs of the Hall of Famer, which would probably be one hell of a read!



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