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NBA Perkins tranche entre Bryant et Curry

“Steph Curry or Kobe Bryant? I take him”

Keith Allison (CC) / NBA (DR)

Choosing between two superstars is never easy, especially when it comes to Stephen Curry and Kobe Bryant. A former colossus of the league still tried his luck on this subject… Except that his decision ended up creating controversy among the fans.

If it were necessary to provide further proof that Stephen Curry was among the best all-time players, so the Warriors point guard certainly achieved that in 2021-22. Accompanied by his squad, the crazy shooter went for his fourth career championship title while being elected MVP of the Finals for the first time. Three years after the last coronation of the Dubs, he is therefore back on the roof of the league and intends to stay there.

Now, it remains to be seen where to classify him among the greatest NBA athletes of all time, a very difficult task because it is very subjective. Above all, in front of whom should we put Baby Face? For Kendrick Perkins, we must think in particular of Kobe Bryant. Asked to decide between the two during the broadcast First Take, the ex-pivot of the Celtics and the Thunder gave his voice to the leader of the San Francisco franchise. However, he adds that it was not easy to choose:

Perkins chooses Curry over Kobe Bryant

I take Curry. It’s hard to choose, but I take Curry.

Given that the Chef has just stocked his trophy cabinet a little more (he’s only one title behind Vino), it’s no wonder that some former players are starting to lean more and more more in favor of #30. Nevertheless, the Black Mamba continues to have an extremely large fan base throughout the NBA community and the community did not appreciate Perk’s choice at all. The responses were scathing:

Perkins smoked weed, I need it!

You all have to stop disrespecting Kobe! My God, have you forgotten?

Kendrick Perkins has decided, it is Stephen Curry who has his vote rather than Kobe Bryant. Not sure there’s a single right answer in this debate, but what’s for sure is that Laker worshipers are going to resent the former big man.



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