La rumeur archi-humiliante qui a couru sur Russell Westbrook

“Russell Westbrook begged him to leave the Lakers to go there”

Russell Westbrook is always at the heart of rumours, but some are sometimes difficult to confirm. According to an insider, the Brodie would have asked a relative to do everything to send him to a specific franchise… except that the fans do not believe it for a single second.

The more time passes, the less we believe in the fact that Russell Westbrook may experience redemption at the Lakers. Catastrophic in his first year, he may not be able to compete in a second in the City of Angels because the leaders are still looking to trade him. On top of that, his relationships with everyone seem to be constantly eroding, and not just with his teammates… His loved ones are also affected.

Recently, we learned thathe had separated from his agent Thad Foucher, because of “irreconcilable differences”. A big move in the current context, and some rumors are starting to emerge about their end of collaboration. According to insider Brandon Robinson, RW would have asked his now ex-advisor to do everything to send him to the Nets, even if it meant literally harassing their GM in the New York megalopolis:

New rumor on Westbrook, info or intox?

Russell Westbrook asked his former agent Thad Foucher to beg Sean Marks directly every day to come to Brooklyn.

For the pain, it is difficult to really believe this information. Indeed, although he disappointed, the Brodie never expressed a wish to leave California. He hails from Los Angeles and being able to play at home is a childhood dream come true. On top of that, the way the story is portrayed seems a little too outlandish to be true. On the fan side, few therefore believe that Robinson’s statement makes sense:

I believe in it as much as in the fact that I’m going to win the lottery tomorrow.

This guy knows nothing about it

Did Russell Westbrook really make such a request to his ex-agent? In any case, fans have a hard time believing it. Especially since in fact, it would not seem to help accelerate his departure from LA.



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