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La star NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, pourrait voir l'une de ses cibles de l'été refuser le poste qui pourrait lui être offert dans la franchise

“LeBron has seen enough, this time he doesn’t want him anymore”

While drama and vagueness still exist around the Lakers, LeBron James has not spoken publicly about the Angelinos’ situation. However, according to a famous insider, the King has already settled the situation of a very specific teammate, whom he no longer wishes to see by his side…

Those who follow him on the networks know it: LeBron James is having a great summer, without a shadow of a doubt. Sometimes present at the Drew League to put on the show, sometimes beside her son who shines, the native of Akron has also offered vacations in some of the most paradisiacal places on the planet. Finally, there is only one thing the King has not done: speak publicly about the Lakers at the end of a ridiculous season, which has covered the purple and gold pedigree with shame.

In recent weeks, however, rumors from the city of angels are not lacking. At the heart of these? A certain Russell Westbrook. After copiously ignoring each other with LeBron during a Summer League game, the Brodie seems to want to leave LA more than ever. This is, at least, the consensus among almost all journalists.

LeBron James no longer wants Russell Westbrook

The alignment of the planets seems to point towards this possibility, since according to Dave McMenamin, who covers the Lakers for ESPN, James is eager for the departure of Westbrook, with whom he has no never found common ground.

“It’s crystal clear that LeBron has seen enough and has no desire to be a teammate with Russell Westbrook for another season.”

These uncompromising revelations follow those of Chris Haynes, who mentioned a phone call between James, Westbrook and Anthony Davis during which each assured that he would do his best to make the situation work. Bluff? Liar poker? It is very likely.

The pressure is in any case on the shoulders of GM Rob Pelinka, who gives himself body and soul to try to find a way out for his unwanted leader. Nevertheless, the $47 million owed to a sharply declining Brodie for next season puts the entire league off, and no deal has been finalized as of yet. Track Kyrie Irving continues to be solicited, but a resolution will necessarily take time according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

However, we must hope for the Lakers and their fans that the file is closed before the start of the preseason. Without this, the atmosphere risks being very particular in the fall, and the rails for a new fiasco season could be laid… A scenario that the Angelinos can neither envisage nor afford.

Not in tune with Russell Westbrook, with whom he has only a weak complementarity, LeBron James wants to see the former Thunder star pack his bags as soon as possible. Unfortunately for the King, the Brodie’s poisonous contract weighs heavily, and Rob Pelinka will have to show ingenuity to satisfy the quadruple NBA champion…



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