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Kobe Bryant avec le sourire sous le maillot des Lakers

“Kobe texted me every day to find out how I was doing”

As the son of the Shaq, Shareef O’Neal was blessed with a special relationship with Kobe Bryant. He also shared a moving anecdote about the Mamba recently, who took great care of him. A limitless class from the ex-Laker.

Bad luck for Shareef O’Neal, his debut in the NBA will be extremely complicated. Undrafted in June, he was then drafted by the Lakers for the Summer League. Unfortunately, it has already been cut by the Pourpres et Ors. The good news is that the boy is used to running into obstacles. His NCAA rating had dropped significantly due to several major injuries, which prevented him from fully developing.

But above all, he had to deal with a big heart problem during his time at university, doctors diagnosing him with a congenital defect impacting the coronary artery. In other words, a serious health concern that required a major operation. However, as he recently explained in an interview, one man in particular had his back all along: Kobe Bryant. The latter did everything so that the young man was not cut off from the world:

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When I was young, he used to tell me, “Whatever you want to do, don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it.” I’ve always thought about that. Even though people have heard this before, it’s different to hear it from someone like him. He was the only person who always checked in on me. Every day of my surgery he texted me asking how I was doing today. He always had a bit of time for me to make sure I was okay.

We know his behavior on the court, often being very cold and distant to the point where he considered have no friends, but the Black Mamba was, however, very different outside of basketball. A dedicated family man, he also overcame his grievances with Shaquille O’Neal to the point of becoming friends with the Big Diesel again and therefore taking a prominent place in Shareef’s life. The fact that he helped him so much mentally during and after the operation is proof of the man’s immense class.

Subsequently, the two men logically remained very close and the young big man was particularly affected by the tragic death of Vino in January 2020. Since then, he has paid tribute to his eldest from time to time, such as with a tattoo in his honor some months later. Knowing him, he’s certainly also incorporated the No.24’s work ethic into his approach to the game. Being cut by LA shouldn’t actually be the end for him.

It’s hard not to be moved after this testimony from Shareef O’Neal on Kobe Bryant. The rear may have been sometimes difficult to support as a player, he was a real weight support for the pivot during very hard times.



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