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NBA Le Heat sur la piste de KD et Mitchell

Kevin Durant or Donovan Mitchell? The Heat has decided!

Very ambitious, Miami is targeting both Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell, just that. But only one of them will actually be able to land in South Beach… According to Bleacher Reportthe leaders would in any case have decided which would be their priority.

Conference finalist in 2021-22, the Heat intends to go even further next season. For this, the franchise wants to give itself the means to win the title, and has been positioning itself for several weeks on the case of Kevin Durant. They may have been mocked for their latest offer to the Nets, the Floridians remain determined to try to lure the winger into their net.

Nevertheless, in the optics that the negotiations would definitely fail, the leaders on the spot also follow another superstar of the league: Donovan Mitchell. Like the Slim Reaper, the latter has been linked to the team with the three champion banners for a while. However, fans weren’t sure which of them was the #1 target. And as only one of them could be obtained, for lack of financial means…

Kevin Durant is the Heat’s priority

So a decision had to be made, and according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Reportthis one was taken recently by the South Beach front office:

The Miami Heat remain focused on acquiring one of the All-Stars mentioned above, and multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell B/R that Miami has prioritized pursuing During on Mitchell.

We are not going to deny it, the revelation has absolutely nothing surprising, on the factual level. Yes, Mitchell is a very talented player, but KD is perhaps the most gifted scorer of all time and a confirmed superstar, who knew how to win the title. In other words, he has more certainties than his opponent on the Utah side, although he is much older. On the side of the fans, the reactions were therefore logically cash as for the announcement:

Like all the other teams, what is this news?

All teams prioritize a Hall of Famer who continues to play at an elite level, over a very good player.

Unsurprisingly, it is Kevin Durant who remains the Heat’s top priority in the transfer market. In case of failure, Spida could still constitute a good consolation prize, on the condition of convincing the Jazz to trade it of course.



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