Kevin Durant face à la presse

Kevin Durant messed up: “We all know he doesn’t win titles on his own”

Can Kevin Durant lead a franchise to the title? It seems that fewer and fewer people believe in it within the league. It is in any case the opinion of a rival GM, who has not spared the star of the Nets recently. It stings very hard…

When a player like Kevin Durant finds himself available for a transfer, one would imagine that all the NBA teams would jump at the opportunity to acquire his services. He is one of the best players in history after all… And yet, three weeks after his trade request, we are still at square one and there is no end in sight. On the contrary, it would even be the cold shower that would await the 2014 MVP.

How is it, when he comes out of a campaign with nearly 30 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists? In fact, his individual qualities are not in question at all, according to a competition executive. Instead, it’s his impact on a collective that raises concerns, which is why no one is willing to go all-in on the two-time champion. Speaking of rings, a vast majority within the league community would think he wouldn’t be able to win any outside of the Warriors:

Kevin Durant humiliated by rival executive

Pretty much everyone knows that KD probably won’t win any titles, not without Steph, which is why no one wants to mortgage the franchise for him.

The opinion is particularly brutal and speaks volumes about the esteem that rival front offices have of the Slim Reaper today. It must be said that since he signed with the Nets, the winger has not really proven that he can lead his people to the title. Absent the first year, he then went off the road in the second and then the first lap. Not very reassuring, especially since the Dubs have bounced back perfectly without him by lifting the title in 2021-22.

Result, he will have to suffer this kind of taunts for a while, a shame for a player of his caliber. However, should we stop betting on him? This looks like a big mistake for the moment, because we are talking about KD after all. Besides, the “he doesn’t win anything without the Warriors” argument is perhaps too unfair, because GS has benefited a lot from his presence. His fans therefore responded in stride, in order to protect him against these incendiary comments:

Steph Curry doesn’t have a real ring without Durant

According to a rival GM, nobody really believes that Kevin Durant can become the leader of a championship team. No wonder competing franchises aren’t ready to go all-in on the superstar.



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