NBA Caruso cash sur les Mavericks

Alex Caruso ultra-cash on Luka Doncic and the Mavs!

Dallas has surprised a lot of people this year, climbing into the last four of the playoffs. The competition is therefore seriously beginning to be wary of it, like Alex Caruso. The Bulls fullback hasn’t minced words on Luka Doncic & co recently.

In the end, the Warriors proved too strong, winning the conference finals against them before heading straight for the title. But on the other hand, almost no one was expecting the Mavs at this stage of the competition, especially after a sluggish start. The Texans, who had just welcomed a new coach in the person of Jason Kidd, however, fought back during the exercise, to the point of eliminating the best regular season record in the person of the Suns.

Now however, we will have to confirm, which will not be the easiest because everyone now knows what they are worth. Luka Doncic and others will therefore be expected to turn around in the coming months, but according to Alex Caruso, that shouldn’t be a problem for them. The Bulls player spoke on the subject recently, saying that they will succeed because they are surrounded by more than competent coaches, who get the best out of them:

Alex Caruso very confident about the Mavs

For me, I think even if they have to deal with the loss of Jalen Brunson, Dallas is the one I would watch. I don’t think it’s a dormant choice, but I know how J-Kidd works, I know how Jared Dudley works, I know how Greg St-Jean works, he’s one of the best minds basketball. I know how these guys work, mentally.

It’s undeniable, if Dallas has progressed so much in just one year, it’s also because the new coaching staff has done a tremendous job in bringing new game systems. These were quickly integrated by the players, at the point of being able to get rid of stronger opponents such as the Suns. And then, with El Matador holding the reins, AC is confident that the franchise champion in 2011 will be able to justify the expectations from the fall:

With the star power that Luka possesses, he can only get better from now on. Even this year, I thought they had a shot at the title. Obviously, they reached the conference finals. It might not be a dormant pick, but I don’t think anyone going into the season can say Dallas won’t be dangerous.

For Alex Caruso, the Mavs will absolutely be one to watch in the coming months, after narrowly failing to make it to the Finals. What could be more normal, with a well-coached workforce led by a Luka Doncic who only aims for one thing, the throne of the league.



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