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Le joueur que les Lakers comptent déjà signer dans les prochaines semaines !

A leader offers his services directly to LeBron and the Lakers!

The Lakers need a few more reinforcements and that’s good, some players still free would be interested. One of them has just offered his services to LeBron James in person… and he is even a former member of the Californian house.

Of all the playing positions, that of the lead is the one that raises the most questions on the Lakers side. It’s simple, we still don’t know who will be the holder next fall. Will it be Russell Westbrook, which was a big disappointment last year? Where will the Crimson and Gold manage to bring Kyrie Irving, as has been rumored for a few weeks now? For the moment, difficult to have real certainties for coach Darvin Ham.

On the other hand, what is much easier to settle is to find a replacement at position 1, in order to expand the roster a little. The candidates are not lacking, the franchise always having a certain sex appeal on the market. As such, a new client has just made himself available to Rob Pelinka and his front office. In the middle of an Instagram conversation with LeBron JamesDennis Schröder thus offered his services to the Angelinos:

Dennis Schröder ready to return to the Lakers

James : You’re tough!!
Schröder : Ready to give it another shot?

Interestingly, the German knows the house perfectly since he wore the Californian colors between 2020 and 2021. His figures had also been quite honorable, with 15.4 points, 5.8 assists and more than one interception per game. The problem for him is that we especially remember his departure from LA… Indeed, while the leaders had offered him 80 million over four years, he had refused because he was convinced he could get more. A decision that turned out to be tragic.

In the end, nobody wanted to give him such a huge sum and he had to settle for six million over a year, in Boston. However, he did not even last the entire campaign there, being traded to the Rockets where he was put in the closet. It is therefore practically the tail between the legs that the guard could find his old stable, a rather twisted irony. On the side of the fans, we do not know in any case where to place ourselves in the face of this potential arrival:

Is this a twisted alternate reality or what?

A year after his rather humiliating departure from the Lakers, Dennis Schröder would therefore be ready to return there. Given his level of play during his first freelance, it’s an option to consider, especially since it won’t be expensive.



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