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Voyageurs du Monde s'implante aux USA et revoit à la hausse ses objectifs 2022

Voyageurs du Monde sets up in the USA and revises its 2022 objectives upwards

Voyageurs du Monde is gaining a foothold in the American market. The tour operator and Original Travel, its English subsidiary, have taken control of 65% of the capital of the American tour operator Extraordinary Journeys. This specialist in tailor-made trips to Africa achieved a turnover of nearly 13 million dollars in 2019 and has 26 employees. Voyageurs du Monde is also revising its 2022 objectives upwards.

The takeover of Extraordinary Journeys by Voyageurs du Monde and Original Trave is carried out by buyback of shares and capital increase in kind. This contribution consists of the license to use the Galaxy tailor-made travel management tool developed by Voyageurs du Monde and its English version adapted by Original Travel. The financing will be provided from equity and thanks to the sums raised during the convertible bond issues that took place in 2021.

Based in Washington, Extraordinary Journeys operates 100% online. The company has developed expertise in the field of itinerant trips made in the main countries of sub-Saharan Africa and has recently opened up Latin America. The Voyageurs du Monde group is thus strengthening its geographic presence in English-speaking markets (Voyageurs du Monde notably owns Original Travel, KE Adventure Travel and Mickeldore in the United Kingdom).

Extraordinary Journeys will remain led by Elizabeth Halliday, the company’s 5-year general manager. Born Gordon, she is the daughter of Marcia Gordon, co-founder with her of the company. Elizabeth Halliday will retain 35% of the company’s shares.

Voyageurs du Monde has also announced that it is raising its targets announced when it closed its accounts last April. The positive trend in sales observed since March has been confirmed in recent weeks.

Over the year as a whole and barring a resumption of the Covid-19 pandemic and/or worsening of the international situation linked to Ukraine, the Group’s objective – excluding external growth – is to achieve a turnover between 80 and 85% of that of 2019 (compared to 70 to 75% in the last publication), i.e. approximately 400 million euros in 2022, compared to 350 million euros in the last publication.

However, this figure does not include the turnover of the Eurofun Group, acquired last May, for the year 2022 (80 million euros in 2019), which will be consolidated from the second half of 2022. The business of Extraordinary Journeys will also be consolidated from the second half of 2022.

source: AOF



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